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Deplorable Duke Lacrosse Commentary

This article infuriates me and is the problem with the modern media. Click and take a look….DON’T FEEL TOO SORRY FOR THE DUKIES

This writer, Terry Moran, makes me sick and is simply trying to antagonize people on the issue of race to capitalize on the Duke and Imus stories. Just read the blog posts at the bottom of his article. He is making this a race issue. The logic of his argument about not feeling too sorry for the Duke players is as follows:

“But perhaps the outpouring of sympathy for Reade Seligman, Collin Finnerty and David Evans is just a bit misplaced. They got special treatment in the justice system–both negative and positive. The conduct of the lacrosse team of which they were members was not admirable on the night of the incident, to say the least. And there are so many other victims of prosecutorial misconduct in this country who never get the high-priced legal representation and the high-profile, high-minded vindication that it strikes me as just a bit unseemly to heap praise and sympathy on these particular men.

So as we rightly cover the vindication of these young men and focus on the genuine ordeal they have endured, let us also remember a few other things:

They were part of a team that collected $800 to purchase the time of two strippers.

Their team specifically requested at least one white stripper.

During the incident, racial epithets were hurled at the strippers.

Colin Finnerty was charged with assault in Washington, DC, in 2005.

The young men were able to retain a battery of top-flight attorneys, investigators and media strategists.

As students of Duke University or other elite institutions, these young men will get on with their privileged lives. There is a very large cushion under them–the one that softens the blows of life for most of those who go to Duke or similar places, and have connections through family, friends and school to all kinds of prospects for success. They are very differently situated in life from, say, the young women of the Rutgers University women’s basketball team.”

Mr. Moran you were not at this incident and you have no right to judge or make any sort of comment about it. Since when was it illegal to hire strippers? Do only white males hire strippers? Did they ask for a white striper and if so is that a problem? Do you go out to dinner and ask for the steak or do you just take what they give you? Were racial slurs thrown out at the two strippers? What were they? Are these young men privileged? Why would you ever compare this to the Rutgers case unless you wanted to make this a race issue? What is the matter with the Rutgers women? Are they less of an individual because they are women? Black? attending Rutgers? What is it? These women are student athletes and if you paid any attention to who these women are you would know that they do very well academically and some of them are going to to become lawyers and doctors.

Mr. Moran your blatant attempt to stir the pot after the fact is deplorable and you should be fired. This is not responsible journalism. These men spent 13 months accused of being rapists, 13 long and terrible months. All individuals, regardless of race or sex are owed the respect of being innocent until proven guilty. By taking the focus off of these boys and saying that many other cases face prosecutorial misconduct and that because it happens to poor or minority americans DOES NOT LESSEN WHAT THE DUKE PLAYERS HAD TO ENDURE!!! It is a problem in this country for white and black, rich and poor. Do not make this a race issue. Why not focus on prosecutorial misconduct across the country as a whole, why not try and make a difference instead of lessening the story of the Duke students?

TERRY MORAN.. you make me sick and should be fired.

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P.S. Just found this post that supports my view as well….Terry Moran and the Duke Three

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Duke Lacrosse – More Apologies Now!!!!

Wanted to update my stance from yesterday and share some more insight on this matter.

1) One key point to look it is the fact that Attorney General Cooper proclaimed these boys innocent!!! Not only did he drop all charges but he issued a public proclamation of their innocence. This is a class act by him.

2) Here is an interesting approach that some members of the media are taking…Naming the accuser. In rape cases, the victim’s identity is kept confidential. Well since this is no longer a rape case the accuser’s name is Crystal Gail Mangum. What is bizarre is that Attorney General Cooper is not filing any charges against HER!!! Quid Pro Quo. She is actually guilty of a lot, crimes against the three young boys and on a larger scale crimes against all women. I will touch on this next.

3) Where are the apologies? Here is a good one from Jamele Hill at ESPN…Apology to Duke lacrosse players not enough. She writes a wonderful tale of saying that if she wanted to she could blame Nifong or Jesse Jackson for how she thought but the fact is she says she feels stupid and is embarrassed she doubted the lacrosse players innocence. She is a smart, educated woman and got caught up in the media hype, the civil rights hype and all of the social commentaries that go along with this story. The one point she makes is a side bar but very valid. Crystal Gail Mangum, the accuser, has now cast doubt into any future rape allegation charges. If a black woman is raped by a white, male athlete, the first thing people will do is to bring up the Duke case and to question the woman’s story. This is a tragedy. Women are raped each and every day and the last thing people need to do is to rush to label the woman as a potential liar. Rape is a terrible thing.

I want to see accountability and a lineup of all of the civil rights leaders, academics, individuals, media personalities, etc…step forward and issue public apologies to these three young men and their families. Their lives have been ruined, their college life was violently yanked from under them and the entire world laid judgment on them. They deserve apoligies from lots of people and I hope they get them. Shame on Jamele Hill for her initial reaction to this matter but I praise her for her public reversal and for her sincere apology. I hope more members of the media follow her lead.

Update… this just in… Nifong is apologizing as well. A little too late for that Mr. Nifong. D.A. apologizes to Duke lacrosse players. You have go to tbe kidding me. This guy knows he screwed up and screwed up bad and now he is apologizing. Nifong simply read a statement and then refused to comment. It is expected that the Duke lacrosse players’ attornies will be filing some nice civil lawsuits against this guy and other legal experts are expecting Mr. Nifong to be disbarred. Here is a little bit of advice to other DAs out there….do not make a circus out of sensitive race issues for your own political gain…it will come back to haunt you!!!

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Duke Lacrosse – Apologies better be on the way!!!

It was announced that North Carolina Atorney General’s office is holding a press conference at 2:30 today. I will keep an eye on this and come back and comment later. A lot of media personalities and general haters owe these three young men a huge apology. The agenda in the liberal media was horrible regarding this case and people were ready to send these kids away forever without hearing WHAT THE FACTS OF THE CASE WERE!!!! I am glad Nifong was moved out of the way so truth and justice had a chance to prevail. Stay tuned for 2:30 EST….

Just came across the following blog and this is great if you want to get a day by day recap of what is going on down there. Kudos to the publisher. http://durhamwonderland.blogspot.com/

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Update – 3:25 PM EST: Celebrate good times c’mon….let’s celebrate. I wish it were that easy. It is great news that the Attorney General stepped in, investigated the facts and dropped all charges against Seligmann, Evans and Finnerty but the fact is that these young gentlemen were drawn and quartered for the last 13 months. From day one, these young men proclaimed their innocence, cooperated with investigators and then were thrown into a liberal media fire storm and their innocence was never accepted or for the most part even discussed as a possibility.

From Attorney General Cooper:

“The result of our review and investigation shows clearly that there is insufficient evidence to proceed on any of the charges”

“Today we are filing notices of dismissal for all charges against Reade Seligmann, Collin Finnerty and David Evans.”

“The result is that these cases are over and no more criminal proceedings will occur.”

“We believe that these cases were the result of a tragic rush to accuse and a failure to verify serious allegations. Based on the significant inconsistencies between the evidence and the various accounts given by the accusing witness, we believe these three individuals are innocent of these charges.”

“Rape and sexual assault victims often have some inconsistencies in their account of a traumatic event,” Cooper said. “However, in this case, the inconsistencies were so significant and so contrary to the evidence that we have no credible evidence that an attack occurred in that house on that night.”

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: Cooper would not comment on possible civil suits, but said, “I think a lot of people owe a lot of apologies to other people. I think that those people ought to consider doing that.”

In my opnion… every single person on this earth and more importantly every member of the media that slandered these young men and made this a media attack to justify their own liberal agendas such as race and sex need to personally apologize to all three of these Duke student athletes, Duke professors and administrators, all Duke students and graduates of that fine institution and to all of the individuals that either read or watch these liberal zealots on television.

The current state of the media is deplorable in this country with liberals and conservatives reporting on opinions and not facts, pushing their own agendas on readers and viewers and not focusing on….yes you guessed it… THE FACTS. I personally would love to see a media accountability law put into place so journalists can stop trying to be celebrities and focus more on doing their jobs, which to me means reporting on the facts.

I am very happy for the three Duke lacrosse players but the reality is that there lives will be different for eternity. All google searches on their names will be linked to rape, sexual assault and kidnapping charges and this can never be deleted. These young men need help to repair their damaged reputations and I hope it starts with a lot of public aplogies, especially from the irresponsible members of the press and media that lambasted them. Be strong young men and hopefully the worst is behind you.

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P.S. I might have another update once I reflect more on this issue and I get a chance to see how many civil suits will be filed.

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