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Phillies Listed in the Dictionary Under LOSER!!!!

I live in Philly and am just amazed at the level of excitement the Philadelphia Phillies are generating around town right now. in case you did not hear the Phillies are one game away from suffering their 10,000 loss in team history. Yes that is right…10,000th loss. The players are clearly annoyed by this type of attention but the fans are into it. Check out this article: Phillies One Away From Milestone 10,000th Loss. Some other things going around town are a scheduled parade fomr the original site of Connie Mack statue to a local sports bar and another promotion where you can write a story about your most tragic Philadelphia sports LOSERS moment where the winner gets 2008 Phillies season tickets. One of the craziest stats is that the next closest team as far as historic losses in MLB is 1,000 losses away. That is more than a decade of losses behind the Phils. Another favorite stat, in the Phils 125 year history they have only won one World Series. That is right…..a big fat ONE!!!! One fan even put together a website devoted to the 10,000th loss at www.celebrate10000.com.

So good luck Phightin Phils. You already are the biggest losers in the history of sports and 10,000 will be a great accomplishment. Rejoice fans in your loveable losers, you have nothing else to look forward to but the imminent Donovan McNabb injury and the start of the Kevin Kolb era so might as well enjoy your 10,000th losing moment in Phils history.

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Take Pride in your team Philly


Are you kidding me Philly? The Phils are paying the Red Sox $500,000 to come to town for two pre-season games. The pathetic thing is that both of these games are sold out. If you want to see the phils opening week there are plenty of tickets available but if you want to see the jackass Red Sox come to town in an exhibition game you can not. The Phils are supposed to be the team to beat in the NL East but all people are talking about is Takeo Spikes and the Eagles. Wake up philly…. you might actually have a team this year if you can find some RP. Think on this you Philly faithful 1) The Red Sox are garbage, JD Drew you can hate on 2) words can not even describe the jackass factor of Schilling and 3) Dice K, freakin Dice K is on the front page of Philly.com and even worse the front page of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

I am calling out to all Philly fans to have some self-respect and take some pride in Ryan Howard and the Boys this season. You might like what you see.

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