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Great rebound on day 2!! 4-1 yesterday. Brings the early season record to 5-3. We are moving in the right direction. We like two games on day 3. Here we go:

Sonics @ Suns -10: Sonics played hard last night against the Nuggets. They impressed me in the defeat (also, F Coach Karl for running up the score and not getting on his team for shooting too soon. Hey Coach, have you ever heard of the shot clock???!?!? Mark our words, it will come back to haunt you). However, back-to-back games after a getting a workout against a running team like Denver is not good. Especially when the next team in line is the Suns in Phoenix. This will be a beatdown Ike Turner style. In honor of Ike, we will call this our “Ike Turner Game.” It will be a signal to you to bet it much heavier than your typical bet, ala the “Brinks Truck” bet from our NCAA picks. We will give these to you from time to time as the season progresses. Take the Suns -10.

Rockets @ Jazz -4: Although this is not at the Ike Turner level, we like this one a lot as well. The Jazz came out swinging on opening night against the Warriors. The Rockets did not look good against a talent challenged Lakers team. We like the Jazz to cover easy. Take the Jazz -4.

There you go. Two more winners. We are giving these away!! Use it to your advantage and pillage. We are, and so should you.

Runny & Flash

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Disappointing start to the season last night for us. Terrible 1-2 record. I should have known the Spurs would not cover. Anyway, time to right the ship. Here is who we like tonight:

Bulls @ Nets -2.5: The Bulls are the sexy pick for 2007-2008. We like them, too, but not tonight. Nets are a solid veteran team and were great last year for us. We like them in their home opener. Take the Nets -2.5.

Mavs-4 @ Cavs: We love the Cavs this year, too. However, the Mavs just have too many weapons. They will be looking to avenge their end last year. Avery Johnson is a good coach who doesn’t let his team let up. They will cover on the road.  Take the Mavs -4.

Kings +9.5 @ Hornets: Kings are terrible, but this is too many points. Take the Kings +9.5.

Sonics @ Nuggets -11: I don’t believe Durant is ready. Nuggets are stacked. They will roll in their opener. Take the Nuggets -11.

Bucks @ Magic -6.5: Magic were darlings for us ATS last year. The Bucks are up and coming, but we think the Magic cover at home. Take the Magic -6.5.

There you go. 5 winners. Good luck.

Runny & Flash

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