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NCAA Winning Hoops Pick: 12/3/2007

I LOVE THE MVC. Yes, it’s a bunch of midmajors that deserve major status. Tonight, Missouri St. travels to Arkansas and is giving 9 points. 9 points is ridiculous amount. Missouri St. returns everyone but 1 player from last year (apparently, major theft is not just a UConn athletic problem) and that team should have been in the NCAAs over Arkansas. This is revenge time. Look for Missouri St. to come out with a vengeance and easily cover this line.

Maury the Wig

I am 9-12 and down 2 units writing for RPJ Syndicate

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NCAA Winning Hoops Picks: 12/2/2007

Back to the basics after an 0-3 day…I keep getting myself and my followers into trouble with multiple picks. Gotta get back to my comfort zone with the pure locks. USC-Kansas today with 141.5 over. Take the over, boys and girls. Freshmen may be talented, but they don’t play defense, and the Jayhawks love to put up alot of 3s.


Maury the Wig

P.S. I am 9-11 and down one unit when writing for RPJ Syndicate

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NCAA Hoops Winning Picks: 12/1/2007

We are seeing that the Big 10 definitely sucks. We are also seeing that the Atlantic 10 might be back to 3 NCAA team status. We’re seeing the ACC might be better than what was originally thought. We’re seeing that the Big East is a microcosm of the US economy….the haves get better, the have nots get worse.

Southern Illinois is giving 2.5 against Indiana at home. For some unknown reason, Vegas still loves Indiana and still doesn’t undersand that the MVC is better than the Big 10. Look for So. Illinois’ defense to put a beatdown on Eric Gordon. Salukis win this one easy.

Louisville is giving 12 against Miami of Ohio at home. I still like any team at home that beats teams up with defense. Lousiville wears ’em down again and covers.

Penn St. is getting 9 at St. Joe’s. I think St. Joe’s wins this one but Penn St. has the guard play to keep it close. Take PSU to cover.


Maury the Wig

P.S. I am 9-8 and up 2 units as a writer for RPJ Syndicate

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NCAA Winning Hoops Picks: ACC-Big 10 Challenge – Day 2 with extra game

If at first you don’t succeed, bet against the Big 10 at all costs. Well, I stunk worse than the Big 10 last night (0-5 night, now 4-7 on the season and down 2 units) …time to get back on the horse. Picks in bold:

NC St. (+9) over MSU
BC (-3) over Michigan
Maryland (-2.5) over Illinois
UNC (-5.5) over Ohio St.
Penn St. (-1.5) over V Tech

I will now go back to writing “I will never bet on Big 10 teams” on the blackboard 500 times…

The extra game for tonight is Seton Hall giving 8.5 against Princeton. Princeton sucks and the hall will speed it up and score a lot of points. Seton Hall wins and covers.

Maury the Wig

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NCAA Winning Hoops Picks: ACC-Big 10 Challenge

Here are my ACC- Big 10 challenge picks…the spreads alone show how bad the Big 10 is this year. The ACC is actually in a rebuilding year, too, but the bottom tier teams in the Big 10 are brutal. Plus, whoever set the matchups screwed up. How is Indiana not playing Clemson instead of the way it is now? Picks in bold below:

Indiana (- 10) over Georgia Tech
Wisconsin (+9) over Duke
Clemson (-10) over Purdue
Minnesota (+8) over Florida St.
Northwestern (+15) over UVA


Maury the Wig

P.S. I am 4-2 and up 3 units writing for RPJ Syndicate

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NCAA Winning Hoops Picks: 11/22/2007 – George Mason at Kansas St.

Happy Turkey Day!!! When I write for The Syndicate I am 4-1 on the season and up 4 units after my Dos Tacos winning pick on the Louisville/UNLV game.

George Mason at Kansas State (-2) = Kansas St. is giving 2 against George Mason. Vegas has a way of never forgetting a Cinderella. This is one of those cases. This George Mason team has 2 players who saw time on the final 4 team from 2 years ago. They were an average mid major before that. They are an average mid major now Michael Beasley is being showcased this year and Kansas St. has a few other top players, too. 2 points is 2 little. Take K. St. here and roll with Mr. Beasley.


Maury the Wig

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NCAA Winning Hoops Picks: 11/21/2007 – Louisville vs UNLV – The Dos Tacos Game

Louisville is giving 3.5 at UNLV tonight. Louisville just lost David Padgett, their starting center, for the year, and the game is in Vegas. It is still way too low of a line. This is not your father’s UNLV team. The sweet 16 team from last year lost 5 of it’s top 7 rotation guys and Vegas is giving the new guys way too much respect. They still have some talent, but Louisville is loaded this year, and Pitino has them hungry and aggressive on defense. The loss of Padgett will be an issue in the Big East season but not against a team without too much of a post presence. Last year, this team figured out how to win on the road, and they should take this one tonight without too much of a problem. I’m giving the “Dos Tacos” thumbs up because I am betting 2 units on this one. Louisville wins and covers

On the season I am 3-1 and up two betting units when I write for RPJ Syndicate.


Maury the Wig

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NCAA Winning Hoops Picks: 11/20/2007 – Two Picks Tonight!!

I am 1-1 on the season picking for RPJ Syndicate

Game 1 = UCLA is giving 4.5 to Michigan St. tonight. Michigan St. survived the 40 minutes of hell that Missouri put on them, but the Spartans looked tired and beaten up in the last 10 minutes. They’ll struggle to score tonight, as UCLA should wear them down in the 2nd half. Take UCLA to the bank here, boys and girls.

Game 2 = Marquette is giving 2.5 to Ok. St tonight. Ok St. gets a big portion of their points from their backcourt, but Marquette has great perimeter defense. I like Marquette in this one.


Maury the Wig

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NCAA Winning Hoops Picks: 11/19/2007 – Michigan St. Vs. Missouri

Michigan St. travels to Kansas City to take on Missouri. Missouri is only getting 1.5 points because it is considered a home game for them, yet the crowd will be, for the most part, split down the middle. Michigan St. has a great group of young players with one of the top point guards in the country in Drew Neitzel. Even though Neitzel looks like some SS officer who hunted down my people in WW II, it is impossible to not like his game in big situations. Missouri, on the other hand, is prone to turnovers against pressure defense and has issues on the glass, which is a major issue when facing MSU. I’m loading up on Mich. St. for this one and would advise you all to do the same.


Maury the Wig

I am 0-1 making picks for RPJ Syndicate

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NCAA Winning Hoops Picks: The Introduction of Maury the Wig – 11/16/2007

We are kicking off our NCAA hoops coverage on one game tonight. Through our travels around the country to various sporting events and casinos we have met some highly intelligent independent handicappers and professional gamblers that we use in our network. We are lucky to have convinced one of the elite NCAA basketball pickers to throw us a bone every once in awhile with one of his top picks. So today we bring you the prose of Maury the Wig, he knows hoops, and we are lucky to have him sharing some of his games with us for free. On with his pick:

Arkansas is giving 6.5 against Providence in the Puerto Rico Shootout semifinals. This is way too low of a line. First off, Providence was very lucky against a very bad Temple team, winning by 2 after trailing for most of the game. Arkansas is fast and athletic and will give Providence’s offense and defense big problems. Look for plenty of turnovers and an inability to control the boards as Arkansas wins by double digits. This is my first pick of the year, so I was looking for a one-and-only lock to get things started. Arkansas wins and covers!

Maury the Wig

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