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Disappotining 1-1 last night brought our playoff record to 6-4. Not bad, but we haven’t had a losing night yet. How bad are the Wizards?!?!!?!? They are getting beat one man. Granted, that one man is LeBron, but still. Terrible showing. Anyway, on to tonight’s games. Here’s our picks:

Suns +2 @ Spurs: On paper, Game One looked like the Spurs barely won. However, watching that game was not dramatic at all. Even with Nash’s shot to tie….you just knew the Spurs had it handled. However, that said, the Suns stil covered. They played poorly and still got it done ATS. We LOVE that!! We are riding them again. Take the Suns +2.

Raptors @ Magic -6: Magic showed they are clearly the better team. They decimate them in game 2. Take the Magic -6.

Mavs +3.5 @ Hornets: Hornets spanked them pretty good in Game One. However, the Mavs shot only 33%. They won’t do that again. They had a huge lead in Game One and let it slip away. They won’t make the same mistakes again. Avery Johnson called out Dampier. Good. It was needed. Mavs cover and win. Take the Mavs +3.5.

Good luck!

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Oden vs. Durant = Easy Choice!!!

I am listening to The Herd on ESPN radio right now and I am blown away with what I am hearing. When compared on the following stats and physical attributes from the recently held NBA Draft Camp in Orlando who wins every category:

Standing vertical jump
7.8% body fat

Guess………….. Who is not Kevin Durant

And to take it one step further, Kevin Durant was not able to bench press 185 pounds one time. This kid is weak.

So now we know that Greg Oden has 7.8% body fat, jumps higher, is more agile, runs faster and is stronger. This debate is over…..Greg Oden will be the number one draft pick. No contest, stick a fork in it. Greg Oden tested as the #1 athlete in this upcoming draft and Durant was 78th. Also, the word was the Durant knew he was going to be a 1-2 pick so he has not been working out and spent some time doing marketing and spending time with the Nike folks. Meanwhile, Oden has been working out, sometimes up to 10 hours in the gym and took the physical tests seriously. This just goes to show how mature Oden already is.

Durant probably will have a fine NBA career if he continues to work on his body. The NBA is a long season and you need to be strong. Michel Jordan lifted weights every day during the season, even on game days. Maybe this will serve as a wake up call to Durant that he needs to take his body and athleticism seriously or maybe he will simply burn out and be a victim of hype. What I do know if that Oden is a physical specimen, is very mature, understands the game, has a great work ethic and is extremely coachable.

Oden #1…. No question about it.

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