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MLB, NBA & UFC Picks

Took some bad beats yesterday. Bullpen let me down in the Pirates-Dodgers, and Grienke was terrible. Split in the NBA and went 2-1 in UFC. How about the BEATDOWN Cro Crop caught last night?!?!?!?! One of the best kncokouts I’ve ever seen. I think Gonzaga-Couture will be a GREAT fight. Couture will have his hands full. OSU Syndrome written all over it. With yesterday’s debacle, my record is as follows:

  • MLB: 14-15
  • NBA: 14-4-2
  • UFC: 4-1

Ouch. Yesterday hurt. Need to make up for it today. Here it goes:


  • Wiz @ Cavs. Not really much analysis in this one. Wiz are without Arenas and Butler. Easy win for the Cavs. I like the Cavs -11.
  • Lakers @ Suns. Suns want to make a statement in this one. Kobe does play extrememly well against them though. He always rises to the competition. I just think the Suns have too much fire power. I’m taking the Suns -11.
  • Nuggets @ Spurs. I’ve picked the Spurs a few times recently, eventhough they seldom cover. I’m not doing it this time. I think the Spurs win, but they will pull their starters to save them for the post season. Nuggets have enough to cover. I’m taking the Nuggets +8.5.
  • Warriors @ Mavs. This game will be a beatdown. Warriors are thanful to be in the playoffs. Mavs are rested and ready. Mavs win this easy. The spread should be higher. I’m taking the Mavs -9.5.


  • Braves @ Mets. Smoltz vs. Glavine. Need I say more? GREAT match-up of two future Hall of Famers. Can’t wait to see this one.  Both guys will be amped to face each other. I just like Smoltz better in this one. I also think it will be low scoring. I’m taking the Braves +115. I’m also taking the under @ 8.5.
  • Pirates @ Dodgers. See if I can get this one right-haha. I like Gorzelanny a lot. He’ll out pitch Tomko (and hoepfully get some Pen help). I’m taking the Pirates +125.
  • White Sox @ Tigers. Sox are playing REALLY well right now. I think they sweep. I’m taking the White Sox +140.
  • Yanks @ Red Sox. Nomo II finally gets his first taste of the rivalry. Teams have shown that if you are patient, you can get to him. He is a much different pitcher with runners on base. Eventhough th Yanks are starting a rookie, have the worse manager in baseball and have played like a AAA team in this series, I don’t think thye get swept. Yanks are huge underdogs in this. I’m taking the Yanks +165.

Those are my picks. Good luck.


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MLB, NBA & UFC Picks

The Yankees are soooo very bad. They should have beat the Red Sox tonight 8-2 easy. Cudos to the Red Sox for hanging in there. They got to Rivera and they deserved to win. That game showed me how much better of a manager Francona is than Torre. Night and day. Francona is ten times the manager Torre is. Not even close in comparison. My first plea to Cashman was to cut/trade Carla Pavano. My seconnd plea is to fire Torre immediately. Put Donnie Baseall in charge and hire Paulie O as bench coach. I think Torre was asleep until the 7th inning when he decided to start making moves. Why pull Pettitte with a 3 run lead? Why not leave Proctor in longer? Why bring in the guy (Vizcaino) who blew his laod and tank the day before, and then bring in Rivera for a two inning save?!? Especially given that you know they are going to have to use the pen a lot the next two games. With the go ahead run on 3rd in the 8th with one out, why not intentionally walk the batter to set-up the double play? And why, for goodness sake, do you bring the infield in?!?! he still hasn’t learned from 01. Sox will sweep.

Sorry for the rant. I hate losing picks. I went 2-2 (White Sox and Braves covered, Yanks and Jays did not). Brings my overall record to:

  • MLB: 16-14
  • NBA: 12-2-2
  • UFC: 2-1

Now, on to the NBA playoffs!!! One of my favorite things to do is pick NBA games. Especially this time of year. Genrally, I don’t like to make picks out of every game. I usually try to spot faulty lines and pick accordingly. But, with the limited docket of games, and because it is so much fun, I figure I’ll give it a shot. Here it goes:

  • Nets @ Raptors. This is probably my choice for the best 1st round series. I’m really psyched to watch this one. Both teams have been really great against the spread this year. Vinsanity has been taking SOOOOOOO much smack about this series. He even hoped that they got Toronto in the first round. Be careful what you get for though. Chris Bosh is a manchild. One of my favorite players and is HUGELY underrated. He came out of the same draft with mello, Bron and Wade, but never mentioned in their category. The time has come for the NBA to take notice. My heart is telling me to take the Raptors in this one. They are good favorites (-4.5) at home. However, they have been inconsistent as of late. The Nets have been ROLLIN’. I think the Raptors will win, but I think it will be a very close game. I just liek J Kidd and the veterans on the Nets. They will keep it close. I’m taking the Nets +4.5
  • Heat @ Bulls. This is another great match-up. These two teams hate each other. Both have stumbled as of late, with the Bulls losing their last game against the Nets. A game that if they won, they would not even be playing the heat in the 1st round. The Heat have been banged-up and have been sporadic, at best. But, they are the defending champs. Until they are kncoked out, they are still the champs. The Bulls are hungry though and are looking to avenge the beatdown they got last year. They are young, athletic and play hard. But again, the Heat are the champs. And they have Shaq in the middle and Flash in their back court. Very, very tough game to call. I think the game will be close, so I’m taking the underdog. I’m taking the Heat +4.
  • Magic @ Pistons. Magic just are not ready for the Pistons. Pistons are good and are built for the playoffs. Magic are 0-4 against them this year. Pistons are at home and will win this game big. I’m taking the Pistons -9.
  • Jazz @ Rockets. Nearly everyone is talking about this finally being TMac’s year to get out of the 1st round. Possible, but the Jazz are damn good. Plus they are healthy now. They just beat the Rockets by 10, but the Rockets did not play TMac or Yao. That would have made a HUGE diference. I think the Rockets will win this game, but the depth of the Jazz will help them out. They will keep them in this game. It will be a close one. I like this line. I’m taking the Jazz +6.

Those are the NBA games for tomorrow. I’ll give Sunday’s picks tomorrow.


  • Pirates @ Dodgers. Snell against Penny. Both have been great this year. I just love Ian Snell this year. Especially when he is the underdog. Will be a low scoring game. I like two picks in this game. I’m taking the Pirates +130. Also taking the under at 7.5.
  • Twins @ Royals. Boof Bonser is not good. Grienke is really good, and the underdog. I like him at home. I’m taking the Royals +105.


  • Gonzaga vs. Cro Cop. I have not changed my view on this all week. Cro Cop. Cro Cop. Cro Cop. Gonzaga will make this a good fight, but Cro Cop has too many weapons. I’m taking Cro Cop -500. 
  • Bisbing vs. Sinosic. Bisbing is fighting in front of his home crowd. This will not be a close fight. Bisbing will win easy and fast. I’m taking Bisbing -500.
  • Arlovski vs. Werdum. Arlovski is a nut and so much fun to watch. I think he wins this one. Will be a good fight, but Arlovski will pull it off. I’m taking Arlovski -115.

Those are my picks.

 Good luck.


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MLB, NBA & UFC Picks

Been a slow week. The last remaining NBA regular season games were a debacle because it was never clear when the favorites would bench their players. The lines on the MLB games were not good. NBA playoffs start tomorrow and I’m extremely psyched. Don’t know the lines yet, but you can be certain I will be making picks.

I did hit some games last Tuesday. Specifically, the Jays, Rangers and Padres all covered, but the Cards and Giants sucked it. Giants bullpen is horrendous. Matt Cain dealed in that game and it should have been an easy winner. Went 3-2. My records to date are as follows:

  • MLB:14-12
  • NBA: 12-2-2
  • UFC: 2-1

For today’s games, I like the following:

  • Braves @ Mets. Pretty much an even spread. Braves are slight favorites at Shea. Pelfrey vs. Hudson. I love Hudson in this one. I think the Braves are legit and play harder than the Mets. I’m taking the Braves -108. 
  • Jays @ O’s. This line is a joke and total mistake. Burnett vs. Cabrera. Jays are underdogs. I don’t care that it is in Baltimore. Their fans are soft and there is no home field advantage.  Burnett will mow. I’m taking the Jays +114.
  • White Sox @ Tigers. Firt of their match-ups. Both teams will be fired-up. The rookie Denks is on the hill for the Sox. Chad Durbin for the Tigers. Despite the Tigers being at home, I like the White Sox in this one. I think Bueherle’ no-no gave them a big boost. They’ll be looking for revenge of the Tigers for last year. I think they will come out hungrier than the Tigers and Denks will out pitch Durbin. I like Denks a lot and the McCarthy trade in Spring is highly underrated. I’m taking the White Sox +102.
  • Yanks @ Red Sox. Been waiting for this game all season. Another line that I think is flawed. Right now, the Yanks are slight underdogs. They should be decent size favorites. Pettitte is a big game pitcher and lives for these moments. He knows this series all too well. I think he outpicthes Schilling. Even at home. Plus, the Yanks offense is just much, much better than the Sox offense at this stage of the season. No one has been able to subdue #13 for any stretch. it will be interesting to see if the Fenway crowd gets into his head and brings him back down to reality. Could easily happen because he is a headcase. But, I think he performs well tonight (and all weekend). I think this line is seriously flawed. I’m taking the Yanks +102.


  • I posted about this earlier in the week, taking Crop Cop and Arlovski. I also like Bisbing. He is going to be fighting in front of his home crowd. I like all three of these guys a lot. Check your lines-they have changed some and I’ve seen different spreads at different publications and sites. I’m taking Cro Cop, Arlovski and Bisbing at whatever line will be available before the fights.

There’s seven winners. NBA picks to come Saturday before the games.

Good luck.


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MLB & NBA Lines

Quite a few good lines for Friday’s action. Here are my picks:


  • Knicks @ Nets.Knicks are a walking hospital ward right now, but this line is crazy. Knicks cover this easy. I’m taking the Knicks +9.
  • Nuggets @ Hornets.This game has  a lot of side stories and will be fun to watch. The Hornets have been decimated by injuries, and Friday night could be the last time basketball is played on OK City in quite some time. After Friday, the Hornets’ final three games are on the road and their playoff future is still uncertain. The Nuggets on the otherhand are ROLLIN’. Probably the hottest team in the league right now. They are firing on all cylinders, going 7-0 in April. Mello is playing liek a man possessed. AI is AI (to quote his Mom). The crowd will be rockin’ for this game and I’d love to be there in person. The sentimental pick is to take the Hornets in this one. However, the Nuggets are just too good and the Hornets’ injuries will hurt them. I like the Nuggets, and I like hem more getting points. I’m taking the Nuggets +1.5.
  • Spurs @ Twolves.As the game against the Kings earlier this week shows, I never learn. THE SPURS SELDOM COVER. It is almost automatic.  However, they are playing a Twolves team that will be without KG. In their last game without KG, they lost by almost 20 points at home to a Mavs team without Dirk and Stack. Logic tells me to take the Twolves at home, but I’m illogical and the Twolves are atrocious without KG. I don’t care that they are at home. I’m going against better judgment and taking the Spurs -10.5. (NOTE: If these SOB’s don’t cover, I’m never betting on them again and I will start a full-time blog to haze them.)
  • Bobcats @ Bulls. Bulls are rollin’ right now. I like them a lot at home. I’m taking the Bulls -9.5.


  • Reds @ Cubs.Battle of pitchers in this one as Harang goes against Zambrano. Zambrano is awesome and  pitched well his last time out. However, his team’s offense has been terrible and they have been off a few days due to the lovely weather in Chitown. Tomorrow is supposed the be bad as well. I think Harang can match him. I just like the Reds offense much better right now. Like the line, too. I’m taking the Reds +135.
  • Giants @ Pirates. Barry’s homecoming. The Duke of Pittsburgh toes the rubber for the Bucks. Russ Ortiz for the Giants. I’m a HUGE fan of the Duke. However, his offense is not playing that well right now. The Giants are due for a win, and Bonds his due to breakout of his slump. Ortiz is terrible, but his lifetime stats against the Bucks (7-1 with a 2.93 ERA in 12 starts) are great. I like the line. I’m taking the Giants +140.
  • Nats @ Mets.Nats look to capitalize on their impressive victory Thursday night over the Braves & Senior Smoltz. They send their ace, John Patterson, to the hill against the impressive Mets youngster Mike Pelfrey. Pelfrey was sharp during the Spring and makes his season debut. Patterson has been terrible to start the year. He is due for a good outing. The Nats won’t score many runs, but I like their chances against a guy who was in the minors last year. Patterson can match him. I’m taking thr Nats +170. 
  • Marlins @ Braves.This may be my favorite baseball line of the night. The D-Train makes its next stop in Atalanta against Redman and the Braves. Willis’ career stats in April are ridiculous. I think he mows in this one. The line is flawed, too. I’m taking the Marlins -105.
  • White Sox @ Indians.Not sure if this game will be “Home” in Milwaukee, or in Cleveland. It doesn’t matter. Javy Vazquez looked great last time out. I’m not a fan of Carmona. I like this line. I’m taking the Sox -108.
  • Rays @ Twins.This game has all the makings of a repeat performance of the Mariners-Sox game from Wednesday night. Could be a great pitchers duel and Kazmir squares off against Johan. As expected, the Rays are HUGE underdogs in this one (+220). Tough game to call. If Kazmir is on, he can dominate the Twins line-up. Johan, of course, will be Johan and shutdown the Rays. I think the Twins win, but the line is too bad. However, the over is 7.5. That is way too many runs for this game. I’m taking the UNDER @ 7.5.

That’s it for me. Quite a few games. Hopefully you can get some use out of the picks.

 Good luck.


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More Picks

Here is the rundown from last night: The Blazers, Celtics, Magic and Spurs all covered. I was 4-0 on the NBA last night. Unfortunately, Anthony Reyes pitched nowhere near as well as I thought and Oswalt DEALED. So, 0-1 on MLB last night.

 UFC was fantastic last night. Congrats to Serra!!! GREAT, GREAT win for him. From the early action, it looked as though St. Pierre was going to pounce. Shows you what one punch to the back of the head can do. I picked St. Pierre, but happy to see Serra pull it off (especially since Pierre was -1100). I hope all of you took Serra with that line. For the other two fights, Koscheck gave the hometown boy Sanchez a BEATDOWN! My boy Okami squeaked out a win, too. So, I was 2-1 in UFC last night.

I still haven’t been able to find the Pride results from last night/early this morning. Silva was the only fight I had, and I assume he represented RPJ style. I’ll post once I know the official results.

Leads us to today’s action. Typically, I’m not a big fan of picking MLB games. Generally, I look for ptching match-ups and cross reference that with a team’s streaks. That said, there are four games on the docket that I like today.

  • Mets @ Braves. El Duque tows the rubber for the Mets, Kyle Davies for the Braves. El Duque’s lifetime stats at Turner Field (3-0, 0.45 ERA in 3 starts) are pretty good. He looked impressive in his debut earlier in the week. Davies gave-up a lot of long balls last season. I see no reason he will not keep doing the same. Especially against the Mets line-up. The Mets will be looking for payback from giving away yesterday’s win. I’m taking El Duque and the Mets -150.
  • Pirates @ Reds. I’m a closet Pirates fan. Love their stadium. It is absolutely the best park in baseball. There is no close second. Plus, the have the best bacon cheeseburgers and cheese fries I have ever had in my life. Seriously. Food and parks aside, The Duke of Pittsburgh is on the hill for the Bucks, Eric Milton for the Reds. I like Cinncy’s line-up a lot, but Milton is TERRIBLE. The Duke will be looking to avenge his poor start and will do better than Milton. I’m taking the Pirates +105.
  • Rockies @ Padres. This game screams favorite (Padres). Peavy at home is a good thing. However, Aaron Cook will surprise you. He is an underrated pitcher, and the Rockies line-up has guys that can hit. Peavy was impressive in his debut, but he was up and down last year. The Rockies are +170. I like that line a lot. I’m taking the Rockies +170.
  • Twins @ White Sox. Santana is on the mound for the Twins. Rookie John Denks for the White Sox. This is another game that screams favorite. Generally I don’t like to bet against Johan. However, he is always up and down to start the season. Throughout his career, he doesn’t become the Johan of legend until it gets warmer. I believe it is because his arm is too strong to start the year so he doesn’t get the bite on his slider and his change-up that he gets when its warm. Plus, grip is key for a pitcher like that. It is FREEZING in Chicago today. I think Johan will be hittable. Denks has a cannon for an arm. Love the line, too. I’m taking the White Sox +200.

Only like two games in the NBA today.

  • Bobcats @ Heat. The Heat are getting ready for their stretch run. They are playing really well now. They have learned to play without Wade and Shaq is playing like a man possessed in the paint. They are giving 7. Bobcats are just not that good. I think the Heat roll at home. I’m taking the Heat -7.
  • Suns @ Lakers. Kobe is on fire. Unfortunately, there is no one else on his team who can score. The Suns have not been playing their best ball lately, but they just have too many weapons for the Lakers. Line is not bad. I’m taking the Suns -5.

Those are my picks for today. Use what you like. Hope I help. Good luck with your picks.


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MLB Predictions

A little late but better late than never.

AL East – Yanks – Loaded lineup and pitching will hold up. Bullpen will be the key and they are loaded this year.
AL Central – Minnesota – Sticking with the bullpen these guys are good and another year out of Mauer and Morneau will help them out as well as the under appreciated Cuddyer.
AL West – Seattle – I like what they did in the offseason and I think their pitching holds up.
Wildcard – Toronto – Great offseason moves and the Red Sox are very over rated.

AL Champ – Yanks – This team is ready to go and I think they havbe the synergies in place to play as a team finally. The bullpen will be the best in the game and if they need to rely on some young guns to fill in as starting pitchers they will not see a drop in production. Hughes is the real deal.

NL East – Mets – Loaded team and this division stinks.
NL Central – Brewers – If Sheets can stay healthy and the young guys continue to improve, this team will be hard to beat.
NL West – San Francisco – Zito and Cain will make a nice 1-2 combo and Bonds looks good.
Wildcard – San Diego – Pitchers park and a nice offense will make them contenders.
NL Champ – Mets – The lineup is too good and the starting pitching will keep them in every game

World Series – Mets – Yankees
Champ – Yanks. I am a homer. Sorry for this pick but I think this is their year. I love what I hear from the players and you know Arod will produce in his walk year. The bullpen is loaded and the only concern is starting pitching but who does not have that concern. Yanks in 5!!!

AL MVP – Arod – He produces in his walk year
AL Cy Young – Johan – There really is no competition
NL MVP – Carlos Beltran – I do not know why but I think he continues to impress in Shea
NL Cy Young – Chris Young, SD. He is that good and has the benefit of pitching half of his games in a pitcher’s park.

Flash Flash

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