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Men of the World Unite!!! Do not be a Carl

Don’t be a CarlSo Mrs. Flash Flash and I went out for some beers to enjoy this beautiful East Coast weather. It finally cleared 50 degrees and smoked that temp coming in above 70 degrees today. Mrs. Flash Flash was talking to one of her girlfriends on the cell phone and I eavesdropped on the most idiotic pity party conversation I have ever heard. The two players were Carl, a 5’3″ tall man in his mid 20s and a woman in her mid 20s that I will call Clarice. I have never seen this people in my life and I only know his name was Carl because she said it. So take a look at the picture in this entry, Carl is on the left and Clarice is on the right. Here is how this goes and it is simply from observation and eavesdropping:

Carl and Clarice have been friends forever, since elementary school. Carl is 5’3″, has a high ass, slouches, his neck is like that Doolittle chick from American Idol and he is about to throw the biggest raging pity party I have ever witnessed in my life. Clarice looks decent, a long time smoker though, is wearing tight pants and a hippy shirt and has bad skin. So Carl laces into this tirade about how he is going to be single forever, oooooohhhh whoa is Carl, he can not meet any girls, all the girls he meets are 5’8″ and they won’t date him, he is ugly, he is too smart for the women he meets in bars, oooooohhhh whoa is Carl. Clarice repeatedly tells him he is an extraordinary guy and he has not met the right girl yet and he is soooooo great that he can not just meet any girl, the kind you meet in a bar, he has to meet that extraordinary girl cause he is so great and Clarice knows that girl is out there and that it will just take Carl that much longer cause he is sooooo wonderful and extraordinary himself.

Well this bullshit literally went on for an hour. Poor ugly short Carl just can not find a girlfriend and nice Clarice simply reiterated how wonderful Carl is and how that girl is out there somehwere. I just wanted to fucking shake him cause it was 100% obvious that ugly Carl wanted Clarice’s sympathy so he could date/bang her and instead of being a man and telling Clarice how he felt he made it one big pity party. Well guess what ugly Carl….that crap does not work on girls. You are not going to get a mercy screw from a long time friend just because you threw a raging pity party for yourself.

Well to add insult to injury, this chick Clarice pulls a whacked out mind game on him that literally went like this. She told Carl that most of the time when she gets hit on in bars she plays hard to get and guys and her friends end up thinking she is asexual cause she never acts on it. So then she literally starts telling this poor bastard Carl that she loves penis and thinks about penis all the time and she just wants to maintain her self-respect and dignity so she does not go for one night stands but she loves penis, penis, penis and more penis. She really wants penis all the time. I think she said the word penis 50 times in 5 minutes. Well poor ugly bastard Carl takes all this and you can see his neck shrink and he starts slouching more and more with every mention of the word penis. I do not know how he remained in his chair cause he looked like he was going to fall out of it.

Do you know what this was tonight….this was Mangina at its finest!!! I do not care if you are 4’4″, have a one inch dick, one arm, one leg, you name it. Grow a pair of balls and go after what you want. You like a chick, tell her. You want to bang her, tell her. Do not sit back and play the pity party sympathy card. You will never get laid that way and if you pull that crap you might as well chop off your nuts cause that is how you are acting. You are acting like a nutless pansy.

So men of the world unite against the Carls that are out there. Grow a big pair of nuts and use them.

Just had to rant about this bullshit I had to listen to tonight. Unbelieveable and if Flash Flash ever sees this crap again in public he will kick that Carl in the nuts!!!!

Flash Flash

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