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NBA PICKS: 12/7/07

1-3 night last night dropped us to 54-64-2 on the season. We are in a bad rut right now, but we know it will change. It has happened before. We know we need to keep working. We like 10 plays tonight. This is what we recommend:

Bucks +1 @ Sonics: The Sonics are really fun to watch and the Bucks have been terrible against them in their recent meetings. However, we think the Bucks front court will get the job done and cover. Take the Bucks +1.

Bulls @ Pistons -8: The Bulls are smokin’ hot right now. We think this line is a trap. It is begging you to take the Bulls. That is why we are taking the Pistons. Take the Pistons -8.

Clippers @ Kings -5: The Clippers are terrible. We LOVE the Kings at home. Take the Kings -5.

Heat +8.5 @ Warriors: The Heat looked terrible last night in Portland. They are not a good team right now. No energy. The Warriors have been just the opposite. That said, we think the Heat get their heads right tonight and muster enough to cover the 8.5. Take the Heat +8.5.

Jazz @ Spurs PICK ‘EM: The Spurs showed a lot in their Duncan-less win against the Mavs. They are a very good, very well coached team. The Jazz will give them a run for their money in this game, but they are a much different team on the road. Much different. Home court gives the Spurs a big edge in this one. Take the Spurs Pick ‘EM.

Rockets -4.5 @ Nets: The Nets are just a mess. The Jason Kidd sick day and trade demand rumors are causing a major headache with this team (we know that is a terrible joke). Regardless of the recent Kidd stuff, the Nets just have not been a good team all year. We love this spread. The Rockets will get after them and take this one. Take the Rockets -4.5.

Pacers @ Magic -8; OVER/UNDER 212: The Pacers have opened eyes this year. Since trading away the trouble makers from last year’s team, they are playing much, much better. That said, we just love the Magic at home. Dwight Howard is a manchild. The Magic front court should out rebound the Pacers and the Magic back-court can handle the Pacers. Take the Magic -8. Also, the OVER is too high for these teams. They match-up well and we think they both play good D. We think they will keep it relatively low scoring. Take the UNDER 212.

Suns -6.5 @ Wizards: The Suns are rollin’ on this road trip. They own the NBA LEast. They roll in this one. Take the Suns -6.5.

Raptors @ Celtics -12:Injuries played a major role in this play. If Bosh and Bargnani were healthy, this would be a different pick (granted the line would be much different, too). The Celtics have been unstoppable at home. TJ Ford cannot do this on his own. Take the Celtics -12.

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NBA PICKS: 12/3/07

We are off to a glorius start in December. 1-4!! Gotta love that. Our season record stands at 47-53-1. That is our worse start ever. But, we are persistent. That said, here is who we like tonight:

Blazers +9

Bulls +3.5

Hawks +2.5

Warriors -2.5

Good luck!

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NBA PICKS: 12/1/07

Went 3-2 last night. Feels good to be in the black, but we know that is still terrible. Brings our season record to 46-49-1. One game at a time. That said, we like one game tonight. Here it is:

Bobcats +6.5 @ Bulls: The Bulls are a joke this year. If it weren’t for the Knicks, they would be the worse team in basketball. We are surprised that whisperings of Scott Skiles’ firing have not come out of the Windy City yet. The talent is there though, and someone has to explain why this team is so very bad. This line scares us some because, like we said, the talent is there to beat the young ‘Cats by 10 (if not more). However, we think the Bulls will win, but just not by more than 6. Take the Bobcats +6.5.

Good luck.

Runny & Flash

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NBA Picks: Day 17

First things first, we went 3-3 last night, which brought our record to 29-26-1. There are two games tonight and we want action on both of them.

Spurs (+2) @ Mavericks – These are the games the Spurs really show up to make a statement. We like the Spurs to cover and probably win.

Bulls @ Suns (-8.5) – The Suns are going to run the Bulls out of the building. Suns win and cover easily.

P.S. We are not taking any NCAA football action tonight or tomorrow. We will have our weekend picks out shortly.

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Terrible. Terible. Terrible. 1-3 last night dropped us to 19-18 on the season.  Our worse start ever. We apologize to everyone who looks at our picks. If it is any consolation, we are in the same boat as you (if you used our any of our picks). That said, we will keep plugging and will work our way back. We like two games on Day 12. Here they are:

Celtics +1.5 @ Nets: The C’s are off an impressive beatdown of the Hawks at home last night. Very impressive. The Nets have been scrappy. Last season we rode the Nets a lot. They came through for us more often than not. We like them this year, too. However, not tonight. The C’s are decimating teams. They are a veteran club and play like it. The Nets are the same and this will be a great game. The Nets will give the C’s their toughest test to date. We think the C’s win outright. Take the Celtics +1.5.

Raptors +5.5 @ Bulls: The Bulls seemed to right their ship with an impressive win at home Thursday night against the Pistons. The Raptors are one of our cover horses. We are rollin’ with them tonight. Take the Raptors +5.5.

There’s our picks. Good luck with your’s.

Flash & Runny

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Our record is 18-13 on the season. Only three games on the slate tonight. We like two of them:

Pistons -1 @ Bulls: Bitter division rivals. The Bulls are just playing terrible now and have stumbled bigtime out of the gate. The Pistons are the exact opposite. We love this line. It should be higher. Take advantage of the Bulls now. Take the Pistons -1.

Mavericks @ Warriors: This is a rematch of last season’s historical playoff upset. The Mavs are playing like they did last year. We think this is the game they have circled on their calendars since the upset. They will steam roll an inferior Warriors team. Although this is a lot of points, we think the Mavs will get payback. Take the Mavs -7.5.

Good luck with your picks.

Runny & Flash

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13-9 on the season. We are geting there. Here are our locks for Day 8:

Clippers +7 @ Bulls: Bulls have stumbled bad out of the gates. The Clipp look very similar to the team of last year-good but not great. Our analysis says they will lose, but they have enough to keep it within 7. Take the Clippers +7.

Hornets +3.5 @ Lakers: The Lakers are completely surprising us this year. We did not expect them to come out like they have. They are relentless at home. However, the Hornets have been just as surprising (if not more so). Our analysis says the Hornets will cover and probably win outright. Take the Hornets +3.5

Sonics +3 @ Kings: Sonics are young, but they play hard. We love Durant!! He is as good as advertised. The Kings are terrible. They won’t beat anyone by 3 or more. Take the Sonics +3.

Raptors -2.5 @ Bucks: Bucks are decent, but the Raptors are cover deamons. Even on the road, our analysis says Raptors all the way. Take the Raptors -2.5.

Magic -6.5 @ T’Wolves: The T’wolves losing KG hit them extremely hard. They are a fraction of the team they were last year. The Magic are legit, and like the Raptors, are cover deamons. Our analysis likes the Magic on the road. Take the Magic -6.5.

There you go. 5 locks for Day 8. Good luck with your picks.

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Season record is a disappointing 7-7. Not bad for the first week, but not even close to our standards. It takes some time, but we are feeling out the teams and will get on the right track. In honor of day 5 of the NBA season, we got 5 locks for you. Here we go:

Magic +2 @ Wizards: The Magix got a Motor City beatdwon at home last night. The Wiz took part in their own masacre in Beantown last night, too. Who will give? We love us some Agent 0, but the Magic just have more talent. They will rebound and win this game outright. Take the Magic +2.

Bulls -2.5 @ Bucks: The Bulls just haven’t put it together yet. Tough losses to the Nets and the Sixers to start the season (the later being their home opener). Maybe the Kobe talk has got in their heads. The Bucks are also 0-2. The jury is still out on the Yi Jianlian, but we think he will be legit with a little more time. Which team goes 0-3 to start the season? We think it is the Bucks. It will be a close one, but we like the Bulls to cover. Take the Bulls -2.5.

Kings @ Mavs -14.5: The Mavs caught a beatdwon from a HYPED Hawks team in Hotlanta. Wow! The Hawks wanted that game and it showed. The Mavs looked lifeless. They also probably will be without Devin Harris (brusied leg). However, they will get Josh Howard back on Saturday. His suspension will be done just in time to face the Kings-the team he was playing when he got the suspension.  The Kings are probably the worse team in the league right now. They just have no talent, but given the heat from their last match-up, this should be a pretty heated game. We have been on the Mavs wagon for every game so far. Although we generally don’t like to do that, we think it works here. Take the Mavs -14.5.

Warriors @ Jazz -8.5: Jazz opened their season by giving the Warriors a beatdwon in Oaktown.  Rematch time. They will not beat them as bad at home, but they will cover the 8.5. Take the Jazz -8.5.

Trailblazers +12 @ Rockets: The Blazers caught a beatdown in New Orleans. The Rockets have been locked in against the lakers and the Jazz-two solid teams. However, the Blazers were our darlings last year. We like them to cover. Take the Blazers +12.

There’s our 5. Good like with yours.

Runny & Flash

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