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UFC 75: 3 money making picks

I want to get my UFC picks out there for this weekend’s free fight card on Spike tv. Dana White is a genius. He needs as many people as possible to see the Rampage/Henderson fight so everybody gets to watch the winner and know the winner. So far since I started posting my picks I am 12-5-1 and was 5-2 with my UFC 74 picks…french canadians be damned.

1) Bisping (-225) versus Hamill (+185) – I want to start by linking you to mmajunkie.com. This guy interviewed Bisping and it is hilarious. Click this link to read the interview: Michael Bisping Discusses UFC 75 — A UFCjunkie.com Interview Some of my favorite lines include:

UFCjunkie.com: Were they (hamill and Abbadi) really that tight on the show?
Michael Bisping: Maybe there was a little man-love going on. (laughs) Seriously, you could see the connection. There was some electricity there. But whatever. It’s 2007. I’m all for gays. More power to them. (laughs) But honestly, they did portray (Matt) as a bit of a teddy bear, and that wasn’t the case at all.

UFCjunkie.com: Well, you’re both light heavyweights. If they offered you a fight against Tito, is that something you would take?
Michael Bisping: Of course. I’d be f—ng happy to sock his big basketball head all over the Octagon. (laughs) I’m only joking. You’re going to quote me on that, aren’t you?

This is going to be a fun fight and both guys are undefeated. I think Bisping in front of his home crowd will have a lot to prove. He knows Hammill does not like him and will be coming for him quick and strong. I think the first 30 seconds will be fast and furious and then they will buckle down and Bisping will dismantle him. Bisping wins this easy at home.

2) Cro Cop (-450) vs. Cheick Kongo (+300) – I think this fight is a joke and just a way to get Cro Cop moving up the rankings. Kongo can not hang with Cro Cop in any way. His last two fights went to decision and he was not impressive. I think Cro Cop comes into this fight very pissed off. There was talk of him retiring after Gonzaga knocked his ass out but he is back and is so methodical you know he only came back for one purpose…to regain his pride, to show the world who he is and what he is made of and to move up the heavyweight ranks for a title shot. Cro Cop knocks him out.

3) Jackson (-130) vs. Dan Henderson (even) – I love this fight. This is what fans want and hope to get if Dana can sign Fedor. The fans get a unification belt of UFC and Pride. Fans no longer need to debate who is better, the title holder of UFC or the title holder of Pride. This is going to be a fun fight. Henderson has never been knocked out and Rampage is always looking for the knockout. Henderson’s losses have come by submission (twice to Noguiera) and by decision. He just does not get knocked out. In Henderson’s last fight he knocked out Wanderlei Silva and before that went to decision with Vitor Belfort. I recently heard an interview with Dan Henderson on the Bubba the Love Sponge Show and he is the man. Dan is all business and ready to lay some damage on Jackson. I guess I am taking a simple apporoach to this one….Silva knocked out Rampage and Henderson knocked out Silva. I just think Henderson is more well rounded and has the ability to press the action if these guys stall and take it to decision. I am picking Hendo all the way.

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