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Week 5 NCAA Free Football Picks (9/27/2008): Introducing the Backwoods Southern Lawyer, AKA SEC Genius!!!

Flash and Runny have reached out to another guest writer. Mr. SEC lawyer as we named him is picking at an 80% clip for SEC games. He told us not to bet the Miss St./Auburn game, he told us not to bet the Georgia/South Carolina game and he has been dead spot on all year. Well Mr. SEC Lawyer has agreed to guest post for us and he will now be referred to as BSL or Backwoods Southern Lawyer. BSL loves NCAA football, specifically SEC football. He lives and breathes SEC football and we have found him to have the best pick ideas related to SEC football in the country. We are privileged to serve as his voice.

From BSL:

I believe it was Reba McEntire who sang “Don’t trust your soul to no backwoods Southern Lawyer”, but my faithful clients can trust their dollars and be well rewarded. The verdict is in — yours truly is a blistering 80% on SEC games in September and back with more winners this week. Have you or your pocketbook been injured by college football misfires? Well, strap on your neckbrace, stick with me and we’ll laugh all the way to the bank.

Be forewarned. Runny and Flash have crunched the numbers eight ways to Sunday; they work a reliable system and grind out impressive results year after year. I’m more of a “feel” guy. I get my picks from having been born and raised 3 doors down from the gates of one of the premier SEC campuses (literally being able to hear the roar of the crowd from my room); from worshiping names like Herschel Walker and Bo Jackson and Archie Manning; from tailgates that start on Thursday; from being one fo the first ones in and the last to leave the stadium; and most importantly, from living and breathing SEC football for well nigh 30 years now. The law may be my profession, but SEC football is my passion, and I’m just here to share the love and — above all — I’m here to make a dollar and a cent in this business. So, without further ado, let’s get to the picks….

Call it the weekend of the home favorite in the SEC. With the exception of Ole Miss, that’s who I’m going with:

TAKE OLE MISS +22 AT FLORIDA. Houston Nutt knows how to get up for big games (i.e., Hogs upsetting LSU in last year’s regular season finale). Gators have been playing the offense playcalling close to the vest. Expect another vanilla showing and a 17-point Florida victory.

TAKE LSU -24 VS. MISS. ST. Auburn beats MSU by 1 point. The next week, LSU beats Auburn by 5 points. So, what does Vegas say — opening line is LSU over Miss St. by 24 points. They are on to something. For one reason or another, LSU owns Miss. St.– like 15 of the last 16 owns. And, lately, it hasn’t been close. The win over Auburn has got LSU primed for a big game, not a let down. If LSU gets up early, this one will not be within 5 touchdowns.

TAKE AUBURN -6.5 VS. TENNESSEE. The wheels are falling off Fulmer’s bus, which makes me question this pick because last year, just when you thought he was a beaten man, Tennessee went on a run and made it to the SEC Championship Game. HOWEVER, Tennessee just doesn’t have the dogs for this hunt. Auburn rolls in a low-scoring affair.

TAKE GEORGIA -6.5 VS. BAMA. Georgia was ranked number one to start the season for a reason. They are loaded and are going to make this a statement game at home. John Parker Wilson (or whatever his name is) is an average quarterback and will show it this weekend.

Enjoy the picks. I will be back next week for more action.

Yours truly,

BSL Esquire

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  1. I know all the SEC homers are going to come calling for USC and the Pac-10s head after last night. Just remember that Georgia lost last year to a horrible Tennessee team and was actually blown out in that Tennessee game. LSU lost twice and still won the title. At the end of the year people were saying Georgia was the best team in the country. Colin Cowherd is saying it now….any team can win and do not cheer so hard for your enemies because the same thing will happen to your team. This is the nature of NCAA football today. USC’s concern right now is their injuries because the Trojans will improve this season.

    Comment by Flash Flash for the Cash | September 26, 2008 | Reply

  2. C’mon Ole Miss. Pull the upset. I will be very happy if Florida, Oklahoma, Penn State and Georgia all come out of this weekend with 1 loss.

    Comment by Flash Flash for the Cash | September 27, 2008 | Reply

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