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Week 2: 2008 NCAA Football Betting Recap

Well we had a really ugly week….The Syndicate was 2-6 (6-7 on the season), Flash was 1-0 (3-0 on the season) and Runny was 3-1 (4-3 on the season). A lot of you gave us crap on the side via email and it was justified. Remember, we tell it like it is and take the pain with you. Other yahoos out there say they win every week and then charge you $500 a week for picks. We have years of successful betting wins and the NCAA season is a marathon, not a sprint. We are confident our picks will return. Points from the weekend:

1) East Carolina is solid and Coach Holtz just made himself millions of dollars. Expect Holtz to bolt after this season and get a serious pay raise. Serious props to the Pirates. No more Heisman for Pat White.

2) Do you think South Florida was looking ahead to their showdown with Kansas this week?

3) Ohio State is not as bad as they showed and their lackluster performance will probably end up helping them this week. Tressel will beat the crap out of them this week in practice and get the team re-focused. USC watched that terrible performance and now thinks they will win easily. Now you can see how it helps Ohio State cause USC will probably take the Buckeyes too lightly. USC got bored playing Virginia and they just watched a terrible Ohio State performance and Coach Carroll will have to get them fired up this week. Spread is now USC -10.5 and that is a terrifying number. Expect a lot more from us on this game because we will be doing The Swingers drive from Vegas to the game and back. We are pumped for a sweet trip.

4) Big East is still terrible. Pitt lost to Bowling Green and Bowling Green lost to Big 10 bottom dweller Minnesota. U-G-L-Y!!!

5) Don’t think for a second that coaches do not know what the lines are. Thank you Urban Meyer for screwing all of us on your damn field goal with less than 90 seconds to go. We hope you get nut cancer. A half point always matter when you bet. Also, Miami kept this game a lot closer than people thought they would. The U has some serious speed on defense.

6) Notre Dame is not good. Where are all of their 5 star recruits? What a joke. San Diego State at home. Michigan stinks too. Have fun next week playing for nothing.

7) Georgia Tech still has a jacked D and tons of talent on the D-line.

8) Washington would not have won their game in OT. Quit your whining Ty!!!

9) Will anybody be able to stop Oklahoma’s Offense?

10) Jeff Tedford’s Cal team won big but, in our opinion, he still loves turd sandwiches.

Flash and Runny

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The first Monday Night football for the 2008 NFL season!!!! And a division rivalry doubleheader to boot!! This keeps getting better and better. Flash bailed on me for these picks, but I’m not scared. We had a terrible weekend (will post our Week One results after the Monday games), but I know the season is long. Plenty of opportunities to make you and us rich! Here is what I like:

Vikings +2 @ Packers: Tons of side stories for this one; division rivals, the Vikes jockeyed for Favre; two QB’s trying to establish themselves; both teams made huge offseason moves. Plus, these teams despise each other. Should be a great game.

The Vikings made the better offseason moves. Their D is STACKED!! The acquisition of Jared Allen may be the NFL’s best offseason move. Without question it is the best D-line in the NFL. Plus, their seconday is solid and they have good linebackers. The problem for the Vikes is their QB. Jackson is supposed to be the real deal, but until he establishes himself, AP will be facing a ton of 8 man fronts.

However, the same can be said for Aaron Rogers. He has yet to show he is the man either. This is his first real test. What will give?

I think the Vikes cover. Their D is better (even though the Packers have a solid D, too) and they have the best weapon in the NFL-Adrian Peterson. The last time he played in Lambeau, he left the game with torn knee ligaments and the Vikes were spanked 34-0. That was last year though. This year’s D will pound Rogers all night and AP will eventually break one. Be warned that the ATS numbers favor the Packers quite a bit. But I’m rollin’ with the Vikings. Take the Vikes +2.

Broncos @ Raiders +3: This may be my favorite game of the week. These teams HATE each other. It is such a great rivalry. The Raiders are getting no respect, but I think they are on their way up. Run DMC will have a huge year and good career. I think Jamarcus Russell will show a lot of people he was worthy of the #1 pick. Will that translate into a cover? I think so.

The Raiders are 4-0 ATS in their 4 meetings with the Broncos. They have played them close and this is a much better team this year than they have had in recent years. Lane Kiffin is coaching for his job in every game. He is a good coach and will have them ready. On the contrary, the Broncos are worse this year. I think this adds up to a Raiders cover. Take the Raiders +3.

As always good luck with your picks.


Flash Flash Pick (0-0)

Sometimes things just happen this way. My favorite bet of the week Is the Broncos to win and cover tonight. I am a Raiders fan and I am used to watching them get spanked during opening weekend. This pains me to go against Runny and The Men In Black but it must be done. Jamarcus is not ready, the offense has not scored at all in the preseason and the Broncos have a great D and rising QB in Cutler. Broncos win and cover easily.

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