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Week 1: NCAA Football recap

We think the best way to sum up this past weekend is to reveal the Las Vegas Sports Consultants top 5 poll. These guys are in the know and know a lot more than the ridiculous AP poll and the other garbage out there. Here is the poll in reverse order:

5) Florida – Impressive win over a bad team. They do not need Tebow to roll and this will be key to getting through the SEC. This is the ONLY SEC team in the top 5. You SEC homers can start your bitching.

4) Missouri – A little surprised here because the defense did not show up. Offense is ridiculous.

3) Oklahoma – Two teams from the Big 12. How about that. Remember what we said about QBs. The best group of QBs in the nation is in the Big 12.

2) Ohio State – We think this is a little bit overrated. Beanie is hurt and they did not impress against 1-AA talent. Team is still getting props for all of their returning starters and that is an important metric to track in the beginning of the season.

1) USC – Did not play that well and dominated a terrified Virginia team. Defense is ridiculous when focused and lost focus early when they knew they would not face a challenge. Great WR play highlighted the offense. D. Williams is a huge addition. Looks like the replacement for Steve Smith.

Other notables. The Big East and the ACC were and are awful. Clemson laid a huge egg as did Virginia Tech and Tennessee. Fulmer should be fired after that horrible performance. Tennessee caused four first half turnovers and held UCLA to 29 yards rushing and LOST!!!! One more time….they freakin LOST!!!!! Incredible.

The basic fact of college football is as follows. There are only two team that travel well 2,000 miles or more out of conference and that is USC and Fresno State. Props to Fresno for jacking up Rutgers. Tennessee can not do it two years in a row. Big Ten teams do not do well when they travel West; Rose Bowls and Michigan State this weekend. The reality is that teams protect their home field. Rivalry games are incredibly more important and demanding then out of conference road games. People think the SEC is the best conference because of the teams in the conference when in reality it is the rivalries. Almost every single game is a huge rivalry in the SEC and that creates the demanding pressure and creates battle tested teams. Ohio State has one rivalry game in conference, Oklahoma has Texas and vice versa, the Big East and ACC lack big rivalry games. The Pac-10 has a couple but everybody is really trying to beat USC. The reality is the SEC has more rivalry games and that is why the games are so tough and the teams do well in bowls. They are battle tested.

Player of the Week – Pat White tore it up for West Virginia. Watch out for this team. They have an awesome QB, lots of skilled players around him and play in the Big East. They easily could run the table and this is a team on a mission with a bitter taste in their mouth following their PITT debacle last year.

Team of the Week – Most impressive win has to be East Carolina. They came back and won on special teams. Complete reversal against Virginia Tech. We love Beamer ball but Holtz got the best of him this year.

Poo of the week – Tie between Clemson and Tennessee. Tennessee wins hands down because we thought Alabama had a good chance of winning and Clemson was overrated. Tennessee’s loss is inexcuseable. UCLA is bad, very bad and this will play out over the course of the season.

Stay tuned for our picks for Week 2. Feel free to post any comments or questions. We are here to help you. If you want any inside action feel free to shoot us an email at rpjsyndicate@gmail.com. Also, let us know if you want us to post hot chick pictures and with or without nudity.

We love cash like a fat kid loves cake!!!

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