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NCAA Football preview – What Vegas wants you to belive in the preseason

Can you smell what THE SYNDICATE IS COOKING!!!!!!!!!!!!! NCAA Football is finally here!

Man we are excited for the NCAA football 2008-2009 season. We are going to hit you up with this post on some pre-season observations like What Vegas is trying to tell you and Where Vegas is trying to trap you and we are going to analyze some of the best teams and players in the country to let you know what we are thinking and to inject some of our own predictions and analysis.

We are here to provide you with full disclosure on what we are up to. Two years ago, RPJ Syndicate went 19-4 against the spread during bowl season and we made ourselves a ton of money. Last year we started this blog and started posting our picks to the public with the idea of continuing with our momentum so we could ultimately charge for our services. Well a funny thing happend on the way to the bank last season….we finished the regular season 59-54 and finished up 13 betting units. Well I do not know about you but this record was not worth paying for and we are back again this season posting our picks for free. We were up 13 units because we went 6-4 for our 5 unit bets. So there you have it. We will tell you why we are picking certain games and our MONEY IS 100% behind every recommendation we make so we feel the pain and share the gain. We spent the offseason enhancing our betting models and extending our network of betting and information contacts and we are confident that this will be a year to remember. And now on with the show…..

Vegas has put out its W/L futures odds for the 2008 NCAA football season. The teams are ranked below in alphabetical order by the amount of games Vegas will entertain your bets over/under the team’s total win amount for the regular season; bowl games do not count. Take a look at some of the teams we are highlighting:

Ohio St – 10.5
Oklahoma – 10.5
USC – 10.5
Boise St – 10
Florida – 10
Missouri – 10
BYU – 9.5
Clemson – 9.5
Georgia – 9.5
West Virginia – 9.5
Auburn – 9
LSU – 9
Penn St – 9
South Florida – 9
Texas – 9
Virginia Tech – 9
Wisconsin – 9
California – 8
Florida St – 8
Oregon – 8
Kansas – 7.5
Miami FL – 7.5
Michigan – 7.5
South Carolina – 7.5
Tennessee – 7.5
Illinois – 7
Nebraska – 7
Notre Dame – 7
UCLA – 6

What stood out to us is Georgia. Georgia is number 1 in the coaches poll and all experts are stroking their cahcks to the Bulldogs because they return 17 starters from last year’s team and the experts love their RB/QB combo and have labelled it the best 1-2 in the country. Vegas knows their up from their down and do not even have the Dawgs winning the SEC. Vegas gives that honor to Florida. Take a look at Georgia’s schedule:

8/30 Georgia Southern
9/06 Central Michigan
9/13 @ South Carolina
9/20 @ Arizona State
9/27 Alabama
10/11 Tennessee
10/18 Vanderbilt
10/25 @ LSU
11/01 Florida
11/08 @ Kentucky
11/15 @ Auburn
11/29 Georgia Tech

The USC Gamecocks, ASU, Alabama, Tennessee stretch is brutal and then they still play at LSU, followed up with a game against Florida and still have to travel to Auburn. We see 3 loses out of this squad. In addition, Mark Richt is not controlling this team in the offseason and the players are clearly not focused on winning championships. Multiple players are already going to start the year on the suspended list. Check out this article Georgia LB Dewberry suspended 2 games after hospital incident. Beware Bulldogs fans cause your team has a brutal schedule and all the preseason hype. With hype comes distraction. Urban Meyer has already shown how badly he wants to beat you this year and he is not alone.

USC and Ohio State are at the top of the list with an over/under of 10.5. That means in order to win this bet each team needs to lose only one game all year. These teams play in LA on September 13 so one of them will have a loss 2 or 3 games into their season. This is really the only game each team needs to worry about and the winner will likely play in the BCS title game. Outside of travelling to LA, Ohio State’s two scariest games are at Wisconsin and at Illinois. The Buckeyes get Penn State and Michigan at home and the rest of the Big Ten stinks. USC gets Ohio State at home along with Oregon, ASU and Cal. Just like back in 2004, if USC can get past a tough early schedule game (Ohio State this year and Va. Tech in 2004), their schedule lines up perfectly for an undefeated run.

The focus of college football teams really needs to focus on the QB position. The conference with the best QBs in the nation play in the Big 12. Oklahoma, Texas, Texas Tech, Missouri, Kansas, even Colorado are going to play with QBs that are going to play on Sundays. Do not be surprised to see the winner of the Big 12 playing in the BCS title game.

The other QBs to watch include Sanchez, Tebow and Pat White. If Sanchez is healthy, the Trojans have a shot at playing in the title game and never disount Tim Tebow, the best QB in the SEC. The best QB in the Big East plays for West Virginia and these guys might have a shot at sneaking through the season undefeated. White and Devine are going to be nasty.

This stuff is not rocket science. Pollsters should really look at shcedule when deciding their pre-season rankings but when they do not, Vegas knows what to do and tells us publically. No Georgia, yes to Florida. PAc-10 and Big-10 are not competitive cause they expect USC and Ohio State to only have one loss and one will be to each other. The Big 12 will be scrappy up top with Oklahoma and Missouri. Clemson will choke once again and BYU will not get to the BCS game cause Boise State is still the cream of the crop.

Stay tuned for our FREE PICKS tomorrow and let the games begin. This season is going to be fruitful.

Flash Flash and RUnny

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