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Week 1: Colin Cowherd’s Wheel of Genius NCAA Football Picks

We like to make note of handicappers that seem to be in the know whether or not they are good or bad handicappers. ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd always has Vegas insiders on his show and every Friday he puts out his picks of the week known as The Wheel of Genius. A lot of the time he is a blowhard and toots his own horn a little too much. We are going to keep track of him this year. He claims to have never had a losing season and last year we think he inflated his numbers significantly. One thing Colin always does do though is have one or two perfect weekends. His picks are worth throwing in a parlay for when he does hit it big. Here are his picks for week 1:

USC to cover against UVA
Missouri to cover against Illinois
Tennessee to cover against UCLA
Utah to cover against Michigan
Cal to cover against Michigan State
Oregon to cover again Washington

Here are Colin’s picks and yes we will be watching and monitoring him. We are keeping a close eye on you Mr. Cowherd and your picks will be tracked.

Flash Flash and Runny

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2008 Week 1: Weekend NCAA Football Picks: WE ARE BACK WITH A VENGEANCE!!!

We are back with our picks for the rest of the weekend and are more excited than ever. All of our picks for this weekend are one unit bets. We do not like to get ahead of ourselves to start the season. The key to any successful gambling venture is bankroll protection. We do not see a Miss St./LSU scenario or USC/Arkansas like we did the last three years. The odds makers are tightening up the ship and we will wait patiently for them to mess up and for our models to identify blatant money making opportunities. Stay patient, manage your bankroll smartly and get ready to pounce when we tell you to.

As any of our readers know, typically we only post picks that we (Flash and Runny) absolutely agree on 100%. No exceptions. Even when we have guest appearences from our degenerates, like Maury the Wig, who posts picks, we must agree with those picks to post. We haggle with each other over nearly every game to get to the games we feel are our locks. We do this because we firmly believe that competion and street fighting leads to the best results. So, when we make an RPJ pick you can rest assured that it is a pick that has been discussed, and dicussed and discussed until we are both bloody.

That said, we are adding a new wrinkle to our game. This year, in addition to the RPJ picks we will post, we will also show you other picks that each of us feel are locks, but did not survive the Flash-Runny battle royale. Our reason for doing this is the same….competion breeds excellence. We are only about winning. Winning big and decimating our competitors (i.e. Vegas) Ragnar Lodbrok-style. We fight so much for our picks that we even want to beat each other!!

On with the picks…..

WEEK 1 PICKS continued

Saturday, August 30, 2008


USC at Virginia (+19.5) – Virginia is a mess. This is not the same team as last year. The QB is gone from the team and their best defensive player is playing on Sundays. For UVA, Last year was the year of the right bounces and winning every close game. This year is not going to be fun for Virginia as Clemson and Wake are solid and Miami, UNC and FSU are all better. USC did not impress in their opener last year against Idaho and the Trojans tend to start the season slowly. Also, Sanchez was injured during the first week of camp and is just back to practice.

However, this week, Sanchez looks great and we believe USC has the best defense in the country. Take into consideration that USC is the only prgram in D-1 that practices its starting offense against its starting defense. This means USC will be ready to pound UVA on both sides of the ball. The best defense USC’s offense will see all year is its own. Only way to really highlight USC’s defense is to showcase one of their leaders…Rey Maualuga. Rey might actually kill somebody on the field this year by hitting them into the third sphere of hell.

and of course you can not ignore Taylor Mays….

These boys can lay some lumber. Some ATS stats:

Trojans are 4-1 ATS in their last 5 games on grass.
Trojans are 4-1 ATS in their last 5 games overall.
Trojans are 20-7 ATS in their last 27 non-conference games.

Cavaliers are 4-1 ATS in their last 5 games in August.
Cavaliers are 2-7 ATS in their last 9 non-conference games.

We do not think UVA’s August record will matter and see USC absolutely pounding the run all day. USC wins big and probably by at least 4 TDs because the Cavs will not be able to score. Remember the USC/Arkansas scores.

Alabama at (neutral site) Clemson (-4.5) – This is probably the most interesting game of the first weekend. All of the pressure is on Clemson. They are picked by the “experts” to win the ACC, to play in a BCS bowl game and are favored to win this game. If this game were in Death Valley it would be a different story but it is not. The Tide and Saban are coming off a disappointing 7-6 season and are looking to make a statement early. We all know Saban will turn this team around, just give him 2 more recruiting classes as good as his class this past year and SEC foes should look out. Tommy Bowden is a big choke artist and will be fired if he does not meet and/or exceed the lofty pre-season expectations. Does this look like a coach that can lead your team to the promised land?

We do not trust him to wipe his own ass and his roids are clearly flaring up in this pic.

Alabama has beaten Clemson 11 straight times, but the last meeting was in 1975. Saban is the better coach and will have a month to prepare for Clemson and that will be a huge advantage. The ATS numbers are bad for both teams:

Crimson Tide are 1-4 ATS in their last 5 non-conference games.
Crimson Tide are 2-9 ATS in their last 11 games overall.

Tigers are 1-5 ATS in their last 6 non-conference games.
Tigers are 0-4 ATS in their last 4 vs. SEC.

The ATS point that sticks out the most is Clemson versus the SEC. Coaching and location, two underrated handicapping points, will dictate this game. Alabama (+4.5) will cover and do not be surprised if they pull the upset.

Sunday, August 31, 2008


Colorado at (neutral site) Colorado State (+11) – We already pointed out in our Vegas preview piece that the Big 12 has the most elite talent at QB in the country and Colorado is part of that picture. QB Cody Hawkins looks good running the new spread offense at Colorado and he was challenged by his backups in camp. The competition has been healthy and will only make Cody better. He is a scrapper and the Buffs were scrappy last year. They beat Oklahoma and Texas Tech so they have the confidence that they can beat anybody anywhere. Always remember one thing….the reason you have heard of Boise State is because of Colorado’s coach, Dan Hawkins. Hawkins put Boise State on the map and then was hired away to restore Colorado’s program. This team is young and is starting to get the talent needed to compete with every team in the Big 12. A little birdy told us that when Hawkins showed up in 2006 he did not think the team possessed one legit D-1 athlete. Taking that into consideration we think he has done a great job. The Buffs went 2-10 in 2006 and 6-7 in 2007. We think they will improve and end the year with a winning record. We have one reason to shit on Colorado State and it comes from this press conference. Please click here to laugh at these tools.

Here is the injured star of Colorado State….

Any D-1 coach that opens a press conference during game week and talks about his kicker is an idiot. It is clear this clown has never coached D-1 before. Colorado is going to drop huge Buffalo turds all over this team. Plus, Colorado has probably the best freshman running back in the country in Darrell Scott. This kid can straight bowl over defenses. He will be an immediate starter. He probably get 150 yards in his debut.

Well these ATS numbers are a mess:

Buffaloes are 2-5 ATS in their last 7 games overall.
Buffaloes are 4-10 ATS in their last 14 vs. MWC.
Buffaloes are 1-4 ATS in their last 5 games on grass.

Rams are 4-1 ATS in their last 5 games on grass.
Rams are 4-1 ATS in their last 5 games overall.

Road team is 4-1 ATS in their last 5 meetings.
Underdog is 10-2 ATS in their last 12 meetings.

The Buffalos are legit this year. No way Colorado State keeps it close, even in a rivalry game. Team Hawkins is too damn good. Take the Buffs (-11) to the bank!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

RPJ Pick

Tennessee at UCLA (+7.5) – Last year Tennessee traveled to play Cal and was thrashed. Of course that Tennessee team was good enough to play in the SEC championship game. What a freakin joke. The team that plays in the SEC championship can not even beat a team in the bottom half of the Pac-10. Where was the media to talk about that one? This year The Vols travel to play a UCLA team that is nowhere close to Cal’s talent level from last year. UCLA has a new coach, a new offense and injuries to their 1st and 2nd string QBs. Their new coach is also trying to make himself a public figure with ridiculous ads in the local LA papers. He needs to focus on recruiting and boosting the talent on his roster. Go bet on some more March Madness pools Rick.

Is UCLA serious with that crap?!?!?! Worse ad ever. The USC band has more 5 star recruits than UCLA has had in the past 10 years combined. Tennessee is the superior team top to bottom and this game does not really need any detail. The line should be in the double digits and we are jumping on it under 10. The ATS numbers:

Volunteers are 4-0 ATS in their last 4 non-conference games.
Volunteers are 5-1 ATS in their last 6 games on grass.
Volunteers are 5-1-1 ATS in their last 7 games overall.
Volunteers are 5-2 ATS in their last 7 games in September.

Bruins are 4-0 ATS in their last 4 games on grass.
Bruins are 4-0 ATS in their last 4 games overall.
Bruins are 4-0 ATS in their last 4 vs. SEC.
Bruins are 20-7 ATS in their last 27 home games.
Bruins are 19-7-1 ATS in their last 27 games in September.

Don’t buy UCLA’s ATS numbers. UCLA is not good and simply does not have the talent to match up with Tennessee. The Vols win this one by more than 10 and if they do not then the SEC is SOFT as hell this year.

We are introducing a new feature this year. Flash Flash and Runny work well together because we only pick games where every single one of our bet criteria are met. This is why we might only focus on 3-8 games each week. It simply means our models do not mesh up. This year we are going to publish our individual picks outside of RPJ Syndicate’s picks. We are not going to give you detailed reasons for our explanations but we are going to track our individual metrics outside of The Syndicate so you can see more picks.

Flash Flash Picks

Illinois (+8.5) at (neutral site but not really) Missouri – One of the best QBs in the nation, Daniel, playing at their home away from home in the Loo. Love Maclin too. Illinois will not be as good as last year minus Mendenhall. Missouri easily wins by more than 10.

Oklahoma St. at Washington St. (+7.5) – Both teams will score but Washington State’s defense is more inept that Oklahoma State’s is and that will be enough for the Cowboys to win by more than 10. Loving Ok. St. in this one.


Bowling Green at Pitt (-13) – Some analysts have picked Bowling Green to win the MAC. They averaged 30.2 points and 402.5 yeards per game last year. Plus, they return their leading QB. However, I just don’t see them competing in the up-and-coming MAC. The architect behind thier offense, O-Coordinator Mick McCall, left to take the same position at Northwestern. Also, their o-line has three new starters. Pitt’s D will eat this up. Pitt has one of the best front 7 in NCAA. Also, Pitt’s D was ranked #5 in total D last year and they return 6 starters. Their D is extrememly deep. Throw in LeSean McCoy and this will be a beatdown. McCoy may drop 200 on them. Take Pitt (-13) all the way to the bank!!!!

Utah (+3.5) @ Michigan – Rich Rodriguez’s Ann Arbor and much anticipated Michigan blue. No doubt he is a phenomenal coach and can get as much out of his players as anyone. I’m a huge fan. However, he can only do so much in so little time. He is implementing his spread offense in a team that just does not have the personnel yet. Rodriguez knows this, and I’m sure he will do the best he can with what he has. Michigan does have a stacked D and return 8 starters, including everyone on their line. They will definitely be the positive in this game for the maize and blue. However, they will be going against a team that runs the spread offense, too. A team that has been doing it much longer and has many more suitable players. QB Brian Johnson is back and finally healthy. This kid has serious wheels and can sling it. To back him up, Sophmore Corbin Louks can come in for a spell much like Tebow did his freshman year. They return their starting RB and a JuCo transfer in Matt Asiata who can run all day. They can guide this offense against Michigan’s D enough to keep this close. It will be the Utes D that stiffles Michigan’s new offense enough to keep it close. Don’t be surprised if the Utes go into Ann Arbor and silence the world’s quietest 100,000+ fans. Take the Utes +3.5. Don’t forget….Ann Arbor is a whore!!!

Enjoy the picks!!!

Flash Flash and Runny

Stay tuned for NFL picks next week. Feel free to post anything you want on this blog or to email us at rpjsyndicate@gmail.com. We are here for our readers and want you to make as much money as possible this season.

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2008 Week 1: The First NCAA Football Pick of the Season!!! Wake at Baylor

RPJ Syndicate = 0-0 on the NCAA season. Man it feels good to put these numbers out again.

Welcome back for another great year of NCAA football. We can not wait for this season and know this will be our most lucrative yet. First things first, we do not hold anything back and we are here to make ourselves and you money…cold hard cash!!!! We post our picks with the lines we bet them. Our money is on every game we pick so we will feel the pain and share the gain; with lots more gain on tap for this year. Our models have been tweaked and we have spread our network of undercover informants so get ready for the best free pick evaluation you have ever seen. Pay close attention to the lines we bet because a half point spread difference matters to us. If you followed us last year you made money…plain and simple!!!

This forum is as much for you as it is for us. If you want us to pick a game for you let us know. If you want to ask us any questions, feel free to post on this blog or email us at rpjsyndicate@gmail.com. We are here to make as much money as is humanly possible this season and we want your feedback. Also, thanks for the positive feedback to our email address. It is nice to know when you do well too. If you want to call us a bunch of stupid idiots that is your right too. We do not edit our blog and will debate you to death and probably call you names because we are both short tempered.

Last note of business before the picks, Runny wants this to be a hardcore betting pick blog only and Flash Flash wants to display our picks with hot chicks. We were the originators of chicks and picks that other sports personalities, not naming names FARRELL, ripped off. No Runny is not gay but it makes you wonder doesn’t it.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wake Forest at Baylor (+12) – This game is not going to be close. Wake returns 9 starters from a solid and stout defense and returns a decent QB and RB in Skinner and Adams. Baylor is bad and has been practicing poorly leading up to this game. Baylor has been turning over the ball left and right in practice and Wake will be all over any mistakes. Also, why in the hell would anybody go play for Baylor, root for Baylor or bet on Baylor when they put their coaches picture on the cover of the media guide. What a crock. How about supporting your student athletes!!!!

We think this has the making of an ugly game and are confident that Wake can easily win by 14 points or more. We do not see any “coaches” on this media guide.

Based on this we might bet against Baylor every game this year. Ha ha.

Some against the spread (ATS) numbers:

Demon Deacons are 7-1 ATS in their last 8 games overall.
Demon Deacons are 4-1 ATS in their last 5 non-conference games.

Baylor Bears are 2-6 ATS in their last 8 home games.
Baylor Bears are 4-13 ATS in their last 17 games overall.

Take Wake and start off the week on a winning note. Jim Grobe is a great coach and will have his team ready to play. Anything up to 14 points and we are all over this game. THIS IS A 1 BETTING UNIT GAME FOR US

Let the games begin Biatches!!!

Flash Flash and Runny

And yes Jessican Simpson is still hot……….

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NCAA Football preview – What Vegas wants you to belive in the preseason

Can you smell what THE SYNDICATE IS COOKING!!!!!!!!!!!!! NCAA Football is finally here!

Man we are excited for the NCAA football 2008-2009 season. We are going to hit you up with this post on some pre-season observations like What Vegas is trying to tell you and Where Vegas is trying to trap you and we are going to analyze some of the best teams and players in the country to let you know what we are thinking and to inject some of our own predictions and analysis.

We are here to provide you with full disclosure on what we are up to. Two years ago, RPJ Syndicate went 19-4 against the spread during bowl season and we made ourselves a ton of money. Last year we started this blog and started posting our picks to the public with the idea of continuing with our momentum so we could ultimately charge for our services. Well a funny thing happend on the way to the bank last season….we finished the regular season 59-54 and finished up 13 betting units. Well I do not know about you but this record was not worth paying for and we are back again this season posting our picks for free. We were up 13 units because we went 6-4 for our 5 unit bets. So there you have it. We will tell you why we are picking certain games and our MONEY IS 100% behind every recommendation we make so we feel the pain and share the gain. We spent the offseason enhancing our betting models and extending our network of betting and information contacts and we are confident that this will be a year to remember. And now on with the show…..

Vegas has put out its W/L futures odds for the 2008 NCAA football season. The teams are ranked below in alphabetical order by the amount of games Vegas will entertain your bets over/under the team’s total win amount for the regular season; bowl games do not count. Take a look at some of the teams we are highlighting:

Ohio St – 10.5
Oklahoma – 10.5
USC – 10.5
Boise St – 10
Florida – 10
Missouri – 10
BYU – 9.5
Clemson – 9.5
Georgia – 9.5
West Virginia – 9.5
Auburn – 9
LSU – 9
Penn St – 9
South Florida – 9
Texas – 9
Virginia Tech – 9
Wisconsin – 9
California – 8
Florida St – 8
Oregon – 8
Kansas – 7.5
Miami FL – 7.5
Michigan – 7.5
South Carolina – 7.5
Tennessee – 7.5
Illinois – 7
Nebraska – 7
Notre Dame – 7
UCLA – 6

What stood out to us is Georgia. Georgia is number 1 in the coaches poll and all experts are stroking their cahcks to the Bulldogs because they return 17 starters from last year’s team and the experts love their RB/QB combo and have labelled it the best 1-2 in the country. Vegas knows their up from their down and do not even have the Dawgs winning the SEC. Vegas gives that honor to Florida. Take a look at Georgia’s schedule:

8/30 Georgia Southern
9/06 Central Michigan
9/13 @ South Carolina
9/20 @ Arizona State
9/27 Alabama
10/11 Tennessee
10/18 Vanderbilt
10/25 @ LSU
11/01 Florida
11/08 @ Kentucky
11/15 @ Auburn
11/29 Georgia Tech

The USC Gamecocks, ASU, Alabama, Tennessee stretch is brutal and then they still play at LSU, followed up with a game against Florida and still have to travel to Auburn. We see 3 loses out of this squad. In addition, Mark Richt is not controlling this team in the offseason and the players are clearly not focused on winning championships. Multiple players are already going to start the year on the suspended list. Check out this article Georgia LB Dewberry suspended 2 games after hospital incident. Beware Bulldogs fans cause your team has a brutal schedule and all the preseason hype. With hype comes distraction. Urban Meyer has already shown how badly he wants to beat you this year and he is not alone.

USC and Ohio State are at the top of the list with an over/under of 10.5. That means in order to win this bet each team needs to lose only one game all year. These teams play in LA on September 13 so one of them will have a loss 2 or 3 games into their season. This is really the only game each team needs to worry about and the winner will likely play in the BCS title game. Outside of travelling to LA, Ohio State’s two scariest games are at Wisconsin and at Illinois. The Buckeyes get Penn State and Michigan at home and the rest of the Big Ten stinks. USC gets Ohio State at home along with Oregon, ASU and Cal. Just like back in 2004, if USC can get past a tough early schedule game (Ohio State this year and Va. Tech in 2004), their schedule lines up perfectly for an undefeated run.

The focus of college football teams really needs to focus on the QB position. The conference with the best QBs in the nation play in the Big 12. Oklahoma, Texas, Texas Tech, Missouri, Kansas, even Colorado are going to play with QBs that are going to play on Sundays. Do not be surprised to see the winner of the Big 12 playing in the BCS title game.

The other QBs to watch include Sanchez, Tebow and Pat White. If Sanchez is healthy, the Trojans have a shot at playing in the title game and never disount Tim Tebow, the best QB in the SEC. The best QB in the Big East plays for West Virginia and these guys might have a shot at sneaking through the season undefeated. White and Devine are going to be nasty.

This stuff is not rocket science. Pollsters should really look at shcedule when deciding their pre-season rankings but when they do not, Vegas knows what to do and tells us publically. No Georgia, yes to Florida. PAc-10 and Big-10 are not competitive cause they expect USC and Ohio State to only have one loss and one will be to each other. The Big 12 will be scrappy up top with Oklahoma and Missouri. Clemson will choke once again and BYU will not get to the BCS game cause Boise State is still the cream of the crop.

Stay tuned for our FREE PICKS tomorrow and let the games begin. This season is going to be fruitful.

Flash Flash and RUnny

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