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Disappointing 2-2 on Day 1. This is what we like today:

Raptors @ Magic -7: Raptors have been struggling for a while. While we like Chris Bosh, the Raptors are very overrated. We think they are the weakest team in the playoffs. We think the Magic roll. They will win the series in 5 game. For Game One, take the Magic -7.

Nuggets @ Lakers -8.5: This is a lot of points, but the Nuggets are bad. They play no D. Especially on the road. Lakers win this series in 4. In Game One take the Lakers -8.5.

SIxers +10 @ Pistons: We love this match-up. It will be an exciting series. The Sixers are young and like to run. The Pistons are old vets and know how to get it done. The Pistons will win the series, but the Sixers will make it hard. The Pistons in 7, but take the Sixers in Game One +10.

Hawks +15 @ Celtics: Celtics will roll in this one and will win this series in 4. However, for Game One, this is too many points. Doc Rivers is smart-if he gets a huge lead late he will pull his stars. That will give the Hawks time and opportunity to cover. Take the Hawks +15.

Good luck!

Runny & Flash

April 20, 2008 - Posted by | Betting, Free NBA Playoff Picks, Free NCAA picks, Gambling, nba, NCAA, NCAA Picks, Sports, Winning Picks


  1. Have You seen our GUARANTEE?

    We guarantee that, if you puirchase our 7day or 14 day pick package and we don`t hit 50% or higher, we will refund DOUBLE your money back. If you puvchase our 30-day pick package and we don”t hit 50% ot higher, we will refund TRIPLE your money back.

    Comment by West Coast Sports Picks | July 15, 2008 | Reply

  2. No offense to your guarantees but by your own admissions you did not beat the vig during the NFL and NCAA football season, you equaled the vig during NCAA hoops and you are only 3-1 in baseball, which is not much of a picking record. I will give you props for 70.5% correct picking accuracy during the NBA season.

    Stay tuned for our NCAA football preview and for our picks coming up. All of our picks will continue to be free. We were not happy with our performance last year after crushing it two years ago and therefore we feel like we owe it to our readers to run another year of free winning picks. Runny locked himself in a room all offseason and is coming out with guns blazing.

    Look for us in Vegas during the weekend of September 13. We will be around.


    Comment by Flash Flash for the Cash | July 22, 2008 | Reply

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