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Disappotining 1-1 last night brought our playoff record to 6-4. Not bad, but we haven’t had a losing night yet. How bad are the Wizards?!?!!?!? They are getting beat one man. Granted, that one man is LeBron, but still. Terrible showing. Anyway, on to tonight’s games. Here’s our picks:

Suns +2 @ Spurs: On paper, Game One looked like the Spurs barely won. However, watching that game was not dramatic at all. Even with Nash’s shot to tie….you just knew the Spurs had it handled. However, that said, the Suns stil covered. They played poorly and still got it done ATS. We LOVE that!! We are riding them again. Take the Suns +2.

Raptors @ Magic -6: Magic showed they are clearly the better team. They decimate them in game 2. Take the Magic -6.

Mavs +3.5 @ Hornets: Hornets spanked them pretty good in Game One. However, the Mavs shot only 33%. They won’t do that again. They had a huge lead in Game One and let it slip away. They won’t make the same mistakes again. Avery Johnson called out Dampier. Good. It was needed. Mavs cover and win. Take the Mavs +3.5.

Good luck!

Runny & Flash

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Greetings!! Good 3-1 recovery yesterday brought our weekend record to 5-3.  Winning, but not where we need to be. That said, onward and upward and into tonight’s action. Here you go:

Wiz +2 @ Cavs: What was Stevenson thinking talking crap about LeBron?!?!?!!? They had that game won outright, but King James took over. One of the best dunks I have ever seen. Once he unleashed that, I knew our cover chances were done. That said, the Wiz had that game. They had it. We think that left a bad taste in their mouths. We love them tonight. Take the Wiz +2.

Jazz +1 @ Rockets: Jazz decimated the Rockets in Game One. Just like we thought. We LOVE them as the ‘dogs in this one, too. They win outright. Take the Jazz +1.

As always-good luck!

Runny & Flash

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Disappointing 2-2 on Day 1. This is what we like today:

Raptors @ Magic -7: Raptors have been struggling for a while. While we like Chris Bosh, the Raptors are very overrated. We think they are the weakest team in the playoffs. We think the Magic roll. They will win the series in 5 game. For Game One, take the Magic -7.

Nuggets @ Lakers -8.5: This is a lot of points, but the Nuggets are bad. They play no D. Especially on the road. Lakers win this series in 4. In Game One take the Lakers -8.5.

SIxers +10 @ Pistons: We love this match-up. It will be an exciting series. The Sixers are young and like to run. The Pistons are old vets and know how to get it done. The Pistons will win the series, but the Sixers will make it hard. The Pistons in 7, but take the Sixers in Game One +10.

Hawks +15 @ Celtics: Celtics will roll in this one and will win this series in 4. However, for Game One, this is too many points. Doc Rivers is smart-if he gets a huge lead late he will pull his stars. That will give the Hawks time and opportunity to cover. Take the Hawks +15.

Good luck!

Runny & Flash

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Greetings! It has been a while since Flash and I have surfaced with a post. We apologize for the absence. Most of our disappearance was due to the NCAA and NFL football seasons coming to a sad end. We usually go into a morbid hibernation at the end of the football season, but we know there is plenty of work to do!

As you know, we started off the NBA season in a bad way. However, we’ve been perfecting our strategies over the course of the rest of the regular season and we are locked in!! We understand the value of putting something in print for the world to see, so we wouldn’t put our picks out there unless we were behind them 100% of the way. That said, we are back lovin’ the NBA again and we have some good insight (and picks) for the upcoming playoffs. Let’s roll:

Wiz +3.5 @ Cavs: Of all the East match-ups, this is THE one where the ‘dog is most likely to win. Granted, we understand that that is not going out on limb with that one, but it is what it is. The Wiz are finally healthy. Agent 0, Caron, Antwan and Deshawn are back together again. That does not spell good news for the Cavs. The Cavs have NOTHING besides Lebron. Nothing, and Lebron is nursing a sore back. If last year is any indication, Lebron is the one (if not only) guy that can carry a team by himself into the finals. He did it last year. However, we don’t think he will do it again. This line keeps going up, too. We love it!! We think the Wiz win this series in 5. For game one, Take the Wiz +2.5.

Suns +4 @ Spurs: Of all the West match-ups, this is the one where the ‘dog is most likely to win. The Spurs have shown how the West was one for years now. For this one, the Spurs have a HUGE intangibles advantage. HUGE. They’ve been there before. They play great D. The Suns, on the other hand, have been hit or miss-flashes of brilliance and then losses to teams they should destroy. They rely on deep shooting, so if they are cold, they can get down quick. Sometimes it is too much to dig out. To address this, they went out and got the Diesel to shore up their middle and to take some pressure off of Amare. Amare has flourished. It remains to be seen if their ultimate goal will come through. The Suns may be without Grant Hill. This could be a big loss. However, we think their front court is enough to keep this game close. Suns win this series in 7 game. Take the Suns +4 in game one.

Mavs +4.5 @ Hornets: The Hornets are the story of the NBA this year. CP3 is our pick for MVP. He should get it solely for making Tyson Chandler relevant. They are a good, young team. On paper, they should sweep the Mavs. However, that is why they play the games. We think this is going to be a great series. The Hornets will pobably not win a game on the road. Kidd is a HUGE addition to the Mavs and he has enough left to balance out a good chunk of CP3. Dirk can take Tyson. West is not going to stop Howard. At leats not in game one. We think the Hornets win this series in 6, but we like the Mavs to cover in game one. Take the Mavs +4.5.

Jazz +1 @ Rockets: This series will not be close. The Jazz are a terrible road team, but they will represent. The Rockets may get one at home, but that is it. The Jazz roll and have no business being the ‘dog in game one. The Jazz win this series in 5. In game one, take the Jazz +1.

There it is for day one. Take a look and come back for our day two picks.

As always-good luck!

Runny & Flash


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