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We were one missed field goal from going 2-0 on Saturday’s games. Settled for 1-1 to bring our playoff record to 1-5. Terrible, but it does feel good to get our first win. Now on to Sunday’s games:

Chargers @ Colts -10: The Colts kick-off their post season at home and rested. With the exception of Dwight Freeney, they are completely healthy. The Chargers, on the other hand, will likely be without one of their offensive studs-Antonio Gates. Even if Gates plays, he will be limited. This is a HUGE loss for the Chargers. HUGE.

We think the Colts roll big in this game. The reason is Philip Rivers. He is not a good QB. He has always struggled in the playoffs, and despite their win last week against the Titans, Rivers looked bad. The Colts are much better than the Titans.  Some will argue that this is way too many points to give the Chargers-they have a solid D and any team with LT has a chance to keep a game close. No way. Not this Sunday. These teams played in November with the Chargers squeaking out a 23-21 win. However, that game was in San Diego and Manning had the worse game of his career. Also, the Chargers managed only ONE TD by their offense. ONE, despite picking Manning off 6 TIMES!! The other two TDs were on returns by Darren Sproles. That won’t happen again in this game. The Colts have had 2 weeks off and they will be ready. Look for a HUGE beatdown. Take the Colts -10.

Giants @ Cowboys -7: The super hot Giants head back to Big D for the third time this year. They haven’t won yet, losing both match-ups by a combined total of 21 points. However, this is a much better Giants team. They are running the ball extremely well and Eli looks like his brother. And, they have a new weapon in Ahmad Bradshaw. Things are looking good for the Giants in this game. They are peaking while the Boys are struggling.

The Cowboys have not been a good team as of late. We think that is a product of them pretty much phoning in their season once they clinched their playoff spot and home field. Don’t get us wrong, 13-3 is no fluke, but the Boys have a lot of flaws. They are terrible is pass coverage and they are extremely undisciplined. They will make penalties hat will extend drives for the Giants. Plus, the huge question mark with TO will hinder their entire offense. What will give?

We have gone back and forth all week on this one, but we think in the end the Boys will cover. We have three reasons for this pick:

1). The Giants will be without Shockey. This is a bigger loss than Dallas having no/a limited TO. Even though Eli is playing really well without Shockey now, it will catch up to him in this game. First because the Boys will have their starting corners (Newman and Henry) for the first time all year. They won’t stop Toomer and Plaxico, but they will slow them down, forcing Eli to go to his TE. Kevin Boss is no Shockey. Plus, the Giants will miss Shockey’s run blocking in this one.

2). The Cowboys O-line is MASSIVE. They are road graders and they healthy for the first time in a month. They will hammer the Giants D line and the Boys will be able to run. By the fourth quarter, it will catch-up to them and Marion Barber will be racking-up stats. They have a sour taste in their mouth from their terrible perfromace in Washington to end the regular season. Along with Barber, look for Julius Jones to have a good game, too.

3).  The Giants secondary is injured and not that good. It is looking like TO will play. Not to state the obvious, but simply putting TO on the field makes a HUGE difference. Even at 80%. Or even 60%. TO is a play maker and requires constant attention by defensive coordinators. He can handle the Giants corners. Also, the addition of Terry Glenn will be a HUGE positive for the Cowboys. Putting him in the slot will create huge mismatches for the Giants and Jason Garrett is licking his chops. When the Cowboys go to their 3 receiver sets, lookout!!! It will also free-up the running game.

We think the Boys cover. We thing it will be a close cover, but they will do it. The Giants will be able to score, so it will be high scoring. Take the Cowboys -7.

Good luck!

Runny & Flash

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  1. Colts game was a joke. An injured LT, Rivers and Gates and they still win. Manning looked uncomfortable. Can’t believe this crap. Pats will beat the Chargers by 30 points. Bet this game Monday or whenever you can get action on it cause it will be ugly.

    Comment by Flash Flash for the Cash | January 13, 2008 | Reply

  2. Romo should have stayed in Cabo.

    Comment by runnypelvisthefat | January 14, 2008 | Reply

  3. What a shitty day? I was on both of these also. Thank God for my blue devils last night. I had duke 1st half and game. That helped out my bad nfl day. I had straight up bets and teasers with both. We will get em next week.

    Comment by Rion Hubbard | January 14, 2008 | Reply

  4. It takes true talent to go 1-7 in the playoffs so far. You are all in the presence of greatness. What a coming out party we created for ourselves this year. I think we are 0-fer on the Pats on the season. Makes me hate them even more.

    Comment by Flash Flash for the Cash | January 14, 2008 | Reply

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