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Greetings!! The 2nd round of the playoffs kicks off this afternoon. This weekend has some GREAT match-ups. We are lovin’ this!!! Let’s start with the stats: for the regular season, we held a 62-60-1 record and for the playoffs, we are 0-4. We now both those records are bad and not worth posting. It is not stopping us though because we know what lies ahead. This is definitely the weekend of the underdog. ALL of these lines scream for you to take every ‘dog. Vegas is begging you to do it-DON’T!!!! Here is our take on the Divisional Round:

Seahawks @ Packers -7.5: The Seahawks return to Lambeau in the playoffs for the first time since the infamous OT claim “We want the ball and we are gonna score” line. That game did not end well for the Seahawks. Will this one?

The keys to answer that question lie with the defenses for both teams and the incredible home field advantage the Packers have in this game. Can the Seahawks overcome Lambeau and the Packers D? We don’t think so.

No doubt the Packers are clearly the  better team. Vegas thinks so, which is really all that matters. They are rested and at home. They have an incredible D line and they are able to generate sacks without the help of their linebackers (Packers had 35 sacks on the season-30.5 came from D linemen). The Seahawks were not as good (45 teams sacks-29 by D linemen). This is a tremendous advantage. This means that the Packers can pressure the QB without bringing extra defenders-defenders that can drop back in pass coverage. This does not bode well for a Seahawks offense that is already banged-up. The Packers secondary will get a couple picks. Aaron Kampman will have a HUGE game.

What about Favre against the Seahawks D? During the regular season, the Seahawks were ranked 15th in the NFL. Last week, they nearly lost to Todd Collins (the game was MUCH closer than the score). Bret Favre is not Todd Collins. He will be able to move the ball. The Packers will be able to run all day. We LOVE the Packers in this game. Go heavy. We think they win by 10. Take the Packer -7.5.

Jags @ Pats -13: This is the game everyone is talking about. We have to admit that back as early as week 6, we thought if the Jags got the Pats in the playoffs they could beat them. They are a physical team with an OUTSTANDING running game. Looking at the games in which the Pats nearly lost, it was due to solid running and very physical defensive play. That is what most of the betting public thinks, too.

Don’t believe the hype!! We love the Jags and hate the Pats, so this pick is hurting us. However, look at the Steelers game last week. The Jags D lost an 18 points lead in the 2nd half. Garrard came back down to earth. We saw a Jags team that could not blitz effectively (we saw them blitz 3 times-every time they did, the Steelers beat them for a TD). You cannot beat the Pats without pressuring Brady. Can’t happen.

The Jags will use Rashean Mathis (and help) to negate Moss. The last team that took that approach and wasn’t able to blitz were the Skins. That game ended 52-7. Also, don’t forget that the Jags also have a rookie (though a good one) playing FS. For all the talk that the Pats don’t have a good D and cannot stop the run, the Pats gave up only 98.1 yards per game on the ground. Not great, but not bad either. They have had 13 days to prepare. They will be ready.

We don’t think this game is close. We think the Pats will get up by 14 early and keep pouring it on. Once they do, the Jags running game will be out the window. We think the Pats win by 20. Take the Pats -13.

Good luck! A post for tomorrow’s games will be out later tonight.

Runny & Flash

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  1. Nothing like a Notre Dame Ahole to screw us in the Hawks/Pack game. Really Ryan Grant? Two fumbles in the first quarter leading to 14 points. That D-bag is not representing #25 like Dorsey Levens would have.

    Comment by Flash Flash for the Cash | January 12, 2008 | Reply

  2. Have faith, Flash!!!!!! You sound like me!

    Comment by runnypelvisthefat | January 12, 2008 | Reply

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