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Happy Holidays! Week 16 was not kind to us at all!!! After a win last Saturday, we dropped a fat 1-6 Sunday to destroy our season record. That one hurt us. Luckily we see a lot of games in Week 17 that we want to press. Nothing better than Saturday’s game with the Pats looking for perfection in the Meadowlands to face the Giants. Here is our take:

Pats -13.5 @ Giants: Unless you have been living on Pluto since Labor Day, everyone knows that the Pats are one game away from perfection. They’ve already won more games than any other team in a season and with another win, they can join the ’72 Fins as the only teams that have finished the regular season undefeated. There are also some monumental, individual records they can get, too. Will they do it? Most people think so. The key for us is will they cover? We think they will.

The key for this game is post season positioning. Both teams are in the playoffs. However, the Gints are extremely banged-up and need people healthy if they want to make a run in the tournament. Obviously, the Pats are at risk to injury, too. However, they are in a different situation.

The Pats are not as banged-up and they REALLY want this win. Plus, if the past weeks of the NFL season provide any history lesson, they show that the Pats starters play pretty much the entire game. Even in huge blowouts. We don’t think this is smart, but we love the predictability. Coughlin, on the other hand, is much more conservative. There is now way he will risk further injuries. If their studs play, it won’t be for more than a quarter. And rightfully so.

The Pats starters vs. the Gints back-ups equals one HUGE beatdown. The Pats will look for blood early, and they will get it. This will be a blowout. The Pats will remain perfect.

Take the Pats -13.5.

December 29, 2007 - Posted by | Free NFL Picks, New England Patriots, New York, New York Giants, NFL, NFL Picks

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