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12/27/2007 NCAA Bowl Pick and Hot Chicks: Arizona State versus Texas

Our picks are so bad we could not give them away for free. We only have one right game and it was a one unit bet and we pissed away all of our 13 units already and we are not even into the meat of bowl season. Very very ugly. So we know you do not give a damn about our picks so we might as well show you hot chicks. Here is a link to Arizona State cheerleaders flashing the shocker

They are only amateur shockers cause they are only showing two in the pink and one in the stink and real men go two in the pink and two in the stink.

We also want to give props to a creative genius. Check out this Poon of the Pac-10 link.

And we will not leave out the Longhorn faithful….check out this link to Texas cheerleaders.

We know you do not care about the game but we are taking Arizona State (+2). This means Texas wins by 40. Have fun with our prediction cause it probably means diddly poo!!!

Flash Flash and Runny

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