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NCAA Winning Hoops Picks: The Introduction of Maury the Wig – 11/16/2007

We are kicking off our NCAA hoops coverage on one game tonight. Through our travels around the country to various sporting events and casinos we have met some highly intelligent independent handicappers and professional gamblers that we use in our network. We are lucky to have convinced one of the elite NCAA basketball pickers to throw us a bone every once in awhile with one of his top picks. So today we bring you the prose of Maury the Wig, he knows hoops, and we are lucky to have him sharing some of his games with us for free. On with his pick:

Arkansas is giving 6.5 against Providence in the Puerto Rico Shootout semifinals. This is way too low of a line. First off, Providence was very lucky against a very bad Temple team, winning by 2 after trailing for most of the game. Arkansas is fast and athletic and will give Providence’s offense and defense big problems. Look for plenty of turnovers and an inability to control the boards as Arkansas wins by double digits. This is my first pick of the year, so I was looking for a one-and-only lock to get things started. Arkansas wins and covers!

Maury the Wig

November 16, 2007 - Posted by | Arkansas Razorbacks, Betting, Gambling, NCAA, NCAA Hoops, NCAA Picks, Providence, Winning Picks

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  1. Maury…that is not the type of start we wanted to share with our readers. Not only did they not cover, they got their ass beat. We all make picks that go against us pretty much every weekend so we know you will rebound well. Please share as many picks as you can.

    Comment by Flash Flash for the Cash | November 17, 2007 | Reply

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