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Dear Steinbrenner Family,

I write to express my concern over the recent rumors of a possible deal with the Player that Plays to Jeter’s right, #13. I realize this player has a government name  and an extrememly un-masculine nickname that has also been used by Andy Roddick. However, I refuse to speak (or write) either name until he is officially and forever gone from the Yankees pinstripes. My hopes seemed to be coming true when the clownshow chose to opt out of the remainder of his contract with the Yankee family during game 4 of the World Series (a classless move, byt the way). Regretfully, I heard rumors today that after one phone call, negotiations re-opened despite your previous stance that you would refuse to negotiate if he chose to opt out.

At this time, I send a heart-felt plea to PLEASE end your negotiations with this clown. PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE.PLEASE.PLEASE.PLEASE.PLEASE.PLEASE.PLEASE.PLEASE.PLEASE.

I’m a grown man. I am a life long Yankees fan. As a die hard fan, I want to root for players that I know are there because they want to be a Yankee. Believe me, I’m not naive enough to believe that the current players are doing only for the love of the game. They all want the money, and I’m not mad at them at all. They should get everything they can. But, call a spade a spade. The ONLY reason #13 is crawling back, and he is crawling back, is because no one else wants him. It is solely a money issue. Nothing else. He is a cancer. He is a cancer in the clubhouse. He is a cancer on the field. He does not make his teammates better. He is a liability and the Yankees don’t need him. They won championships with Charlie Hayes and Scott Brosius at 3B. Between them they probably hit a total of 60 homers. They don’t need him. He slapped the Yankees, and all of baseball, in the face when he opted out.

It is a disgrace to the Yankees legacy and to fans everywhere to even speak to him now. Please don’t fall for his trick. You will lose fans if you bring him back. Let his non-clutch, Mr. April a$$ go play in Anaheim and play the rest of his shallow career without ever seeing a world series game.



November 15, 2007 - Posted by | MLB, New York Yankees

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