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UFC 76: 5 money making picks and the Ice Man returns!!!

Just so know up front I am 13-7-1 since I started publically revealing my UFC picks. UFC 76 has some great cards, probably not for the casual fan but the MMA addicts will love this card.

5 Picks for tonight’s card:

1) Tyson Griffin (-135) vs. Tavares (+105): I watched the Griffin/Guida fight again this week and Guida gor totally screwed. He beat Griffin handily in my book. Tavares is undeafeated and looked jacked at the weigh-in. I think Tavares handles Griffin with his combo of Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu and is the underdog. Go with Tavares.

2) Machida (-275) vs. Nakamura (+215) – Nakamura is a clown and was dancing during the weigh in and pulling his pants up high and really looked like a jackass. Machida is 10-0 and will pummel him. Machida in an easy one.

3) Sanchez (-105) vs. Fitch (-125) – The money has been moving Fitch’s way. He is bigger and has not lost since 2003. Sanchez lost his last fight and looked a little soft at weigh in. He was also throwing things into the crowd and I do not like to see that. I want to see somebody who is all business. Fitch looked ripped and should be able to control this fight with his superior wrestling skills. Take Fitch all the way.

4) Forest (+225) vs. Rua (-285) – Forest might get lucky and land a wild haymaker but Rua is the real deal and is superior in every facet of his game. I like Forest as a fighter but not in this situation. Rus wins easily.

5) Chuck (-450) vs. Jardine (+300) – This is an easy rebound fight for Chuck. Jardine has had his moments in some fights like his win against Forest Griffin but he will not be able to stand with Chuck in this one. It will probably end in the first round. Chuck looked like he is in much better shape versus his fight versus Rampage and he knows he needs to win if you ever want to hear his name again on a main card. Chuck rolls easy in this one.

September 23, 2007 - Posted by | Chuck Liddell, mma, Rampage Jackson, ufc, Ultimate Fighter, Winning Picks

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  1. Sorry to not post any picks on the Franklin/Silva card. My attention has taken me away from UFC and to NCAA and NFL. Once football dies down I will shift back to UFC. Only have so much time in the day and MMA picks were dropped. They will be back. Have faith. If you ever want our opinion on picks feel free to ask.

    Comment by Flash Flash for the Cash | November 1, 2007 | Reply

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