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Nebraska Football Fans Have Class: Support Our Troops

There comes a point when no matter how much you hate or despise a team or group of fans, you see something incredibly positive and classy and you have to step back and say….Man this is pretty special. I read the following article on ESPN.com and had to share it. Please take a read:

Big Red is golden for those serving red, white and blue

The basis of the story is as follows. Nebraska football fans are very passionate about their team and travel to see them. This year, last week, Nebraska played at Wake Forest and in their stadium that seats 30,000 people. Well Nebraska football fans actually went out and bought Wake Forest season tickets for anywhere from $99-$190 for a six game package so they could attend the Cornhuskers at Wake game. Art Ladenburg, Nebraska class of 1960, noticed that the September 15 Wake Forest game was against Army and he sought out a military hospital to donate his tickets to. He ended up tracking down the right person at Fort Bragg and donated the Army tickets to wounded soldiers at the Womack Army Medical Center. Art then posted what he did on his website and so far 200 other tickets have been donated to the wounded soldiers. There are 345 soldiers at the Womack Army Medical Center and Art thought the Nebraska faithful would donate 145 more tickets so each and every wounded soldier could attend the game.

This is a fantastic story and shows the class of the Nebraska fans. in case you did not know, Nebraska fans actually give a standing ovation to the opposing team, win or lose, at the end of each game. When a story that shows goodwill towards the U.S. military and has a sports twist we feel the need to share this with the world.

RPJ Syndicate Supports our Troops!!!!

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September 12, 2007 - Posted by | Army, Cornhuskers, ESPN, Football, Nebraska, Sports, Wake Forest, Womack Army Medical Center

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