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Michael ConVick and the NFL Hypocrisy

It has taken me a solid day to wrap myself around the Michael Vick indictment. I was originally outraged and wanted Vick kicked out of the league but then I thought I would be a hypocrite for how I handled the Duke lacrosse player accused rape scandal saying we needed to wait until we hear all of the facts and that people in this country are innocent until proven guilty. After one day I think I can break down what is happening in this situation and am comfortable with my opinion. My opinion is that Michael Vick is a low life criminal and he should be immediately suspended from the league without pay and dropped from every sponsor he has. Here is why:

Duke vs. Vick The Facts – In the Duke lacrosse case, the story of what actually happened in that house was under dispute from Day 1. Each stripper had a different story, some of the accused had proof that they were not at the party when the now bogus crime took place, the DA was a local guy in an election year taking advantage of a touchey race situation for his own benefit. Also, I have first hand experience and knowledge of what it is like to be an athlete at a top caliber school where you play division one sports and the stripper stories just were not believeable. D-1 lax players at schools like Duke, Hopkins and Princeton are close to Gods on campus and can get and do whatever they want so they are not going to rape some low class stripper when they can have instant sex at the snap of a finger from eager freshmen girls looking to hang with the lax guys. They are called laxtitutes at princeton and this is fact. Now why this is different than the Vick case is simple…Vick is facing an indictment from the FEDS, not some local clown. 95% of cases that are brought to trial in Vick’s district see the prosecutor win. Here are the Vick facts that can not be disputed:

– Vick bought the house on June 29, 2001 for $34,000
– Vick started buying pit bulls after he bought the house and they know from where including locations in NC, NY and Richmond, VA
– Sept. 2001 he bought more pit bulls
– Early 2002 he bought more dogs
– Early 2002 Vick started Bad Newz Kennels and made shirts and headbands representing this business
– Between 2002 and 2005 Vick built a fence to shield the rear portion of the house from public view, built multiple sheds that housed training equipment commonly used by dogfighter, built kennels, buried car axles with chains for the pit bulls
– Vick “rolled” some of the put bulls in Virginia Beach. Rolled means placing the dog in a short fight to see how it does.
– In 2002, Vick rolled lots of dogs at his property
– Vick hosted a fight for his dog Zebro against a dog named Maniac that had a $2,000 purse. Zebro lost.
– Late 2002, Vick’s dog Chico won a $2,000 fight at his house against a dog from alabama
– Spring of 2003, Vick travelled with his dog Jane to NC for a $3,00 fight and won
– Late 2003, Vick took Jane to NJ to fight for $10,000 and Jane won
– Spring of 2003, Vick travelled to SC with his pit Big Boy and won a $2,000 fight
– Late 2003, Vick goes back to SC with Big Boy and wins a $7,200 fight
– Spring 2004, Vick fights Big Boy at his home against a pit from NJ and wins $3,000
– March 2003, Vick hosts $26,000 fight with a female pit fight and loses
– March 2003, at same fight, Vick has his male dog fight in a $20,000 fight and his dog loses
– March 2003, Vick takes female pit to fight in a $6,000 fight in Surry County, Virginia. Fight was a scratch when Vick’s dog jumped out of the ring
– March 2003 – Vick loses the rematch
– Fall of 2003, Vick takes pit bull named Magic to South Carolina for a $6,000 fight. Magic wins

AND the list goes on for Vick and his cohorts.

Hers ia a crazy one and comes during the same month Vick met with the NFL Commissioner and said he was not invloved with this in any way.

– April 2007 – Vick rolls dogs at his house
– Vick was part of executing the dogs that did not roll well
– Vick was part of killing the dogs by means of hanging, drowning and body slamming
– On April 25, 2007, at Vick’s property, he possessed 54 pit bulls, a rape stand, a break/parting stick used to pry open dog’s mouths during fighting, treadmills and slat mills used to condition dogs

There are 84 items in the indictment, 84 freakin items that pinpoints Vick and who he was with and when. The FEDS do not put together a case willy nilly, this is some serious stuff. When I read this I am disgusted. I do not know how Vick disputes 84 line items on this indictment. In order for the FEDS to put all of this information in the indictment they need to have a lot of facts, witnesses and need to have an airtight case. This is the same court that tried and convicted Scooter Libby. This is not some small rinky dink Court.

Now when I look at all of the things I nkow about Vick I see the following, the Ron Mexico incident, refusing to hand over a water bottle at the airport, flipping off fans at games and now this. He uses bad judgement and always has. In the court of public opinion this is far different than the Duke lax case. This is very real and serious, the FEDS are backing up their case with a ton of information and witnesses that span over 4 years. They have Vick involved in dog fighting not just 1-2 times but numerous times over multiple years. Vick will be tried in the Court of law and will likely be found guilty. I do believe everybody deserves a fair trial and is innocent until proven guilty but this is one case where I know Vick is guilty and is going to jail and paying a large fine. I think Vick should be suspended, should never play football again and should lose all of his endorsments, which brings me to my next point….the hypocrisy of the NFL.

The NFL came out already and said that they are not taking any actions against Vick at this time and are waiting to let this pay out. Excuse me, are you kidding me? Goodell sent Pac Man Jones packing before his case went to trial and reserves the right to increase Pac Man Jones’ suspension. What gives? Vick should be gone immediately and suspended indefinitely until his case closes. If he is guilty, which I know he will be, he deserves jail and to never play again. there are simply too many stories, witnesses of Vick’s involvement in dog fighting and when you couple that with the fact the Prosecutors in the Court where Vick is going to be tried win 95% of the time, you know this case is for real and Vick is going down. The NFL suspended Pac Man, Tank, Chris Henry, Jared Allen and needs to step strong against Vick. There is no need to wait until this case plays out….Suspend him now!!!!!!

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July 19, 2007 - Posted by | Atlanta Falcons, Duke, Michael Vick, NFL, Vick


  1. No action by the NFL shows they care more about the money ….. than doing the right thing and suspending michael for his disgusting actions.

    Where is humanity heading these days?

    It’s scares me to think anyone not bothered by this scumbag behavior can actually sleep at night and live with their actions.

    Comment by Scott | July 19, 2007 | Reply

  2. If you want to write to the Falcons about Vick, here’s the email site: http://www.atlantafalcons.com/About/Contact_Us.aspx

    Comment by chuck | July 20, 2007 | Reply

  3. Michael Vick is one sick man. He is a rich man so he was not in it for the money just the joy of watching the pain and suffering of innocent animals. I think the money left on his contract should be given to the ASPCA.

    Comment by Linda | July 20, 2007 | Reply

  4. All valid points. Thanks for the link Chuck. I really hope the NFL wises up and realizes that Vick needs to immediately lose his privilege of playing in the NFL.

    Comment by Flash Flash for the Cash | July 20, 2007 | Reply

  5. I read the indictment… and Vick is going to jail for sure. This is 100% opposite from the Duke case. From the get go, everyone saw inconsistencies in the accusers statements.

    Goodell is a piece of crap for being such a hypocrit in this case.

    Comment by Marko | July 20, 2007 | Reply

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