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Ultimate Fighter 5 Finale and Penn vs. Pulver

Just wanteds to throw out to quick predictions regarding the fights tomorrow. Runny and I will actually be in Vegas this weekend throwin down some baseball and UFC bets.

Nate Diaz vs. manny Gamburyan – Not sure you can get any action on this fight yet. I looked online and did not see a line. I am all over Nate Diaz for this fight. Manny has shown that he is explosive in gaining control but not explosive in submitting or even in striking. He simply takes people down and holds them down. When he does this he also leaves himself exposed to choke outs. Nate is a flat out WORKER. his fight versus Gray was insane. He took a beating and kept attacking, throwing strikes whenever he could and also going for submissions every ten seconds. he is an animal and I think he will catch Manny and choke him out. Nate can take a beating and he does not care and will continue to fight and go for submissions. Only way to beat this kid right now is to knock him out cold and I do not think Manny can do it. Hopefully Manny is the favorite and you can make some nice scratch betting Nate.

Pulver vs. Penn – I am torn on this fight. I am a big BJ Penn mark and would love to see him win but I do not like his comments about Pulver or his comments about how he wants ot be one of the biggest stars in the UFC. First, he said he will be friends with Pulver after he puts him into retirement. I doubt Pulver is saying this. Pulver is Little Evil and will not show any mercy and certainly does not like Penn in any way. Second, Penn has always shied away form the limelight and I do not see him as some new mega-star in the UFC. He does not have the charisma. So I want Penn to win but I do not like his demeanor. Runny was saying this was like Liddell/Jackson all over again and that in that fight, Liddell was going to lose as soon as the weigh in. You could just tell. Since Penn is the big favorite at -350, I do not recommend loading up the Brinks truck on this one but I do think Penn will ultimately win because he is an overall better fighter.

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