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UFC 71 – Chuck vs. Rampage – Easy money

The Chuck Liddell vs. Rampage Jackson fight is being hyped as a great fight when I think it is a little overblown. Chuck has destroyed his last 7 opponents, all by knockout. These include Couture (twice), Vernon White, Jeremy Horn, Babalu and Tito. Also, Chuck has successfully avenged 2 of his 3 losses and these include Couture and Horn with Rampage as the last notch that needs to be marked up.

I do want to show highlights of the Liddell/Rampage fight one because Rampage did give him a beat down. Check it out below:

Here is the line for the fight = Liddell – 180, Jackson +150. This is not good money but Liddell is a sure thing. He has avenged every loss and has been dominant and Rampage looked like garbage versus Marvin Eastman. Here is how I think the Rampage fight will end, a repeat of the Silva destruction:

Liddell will bring the pain.

This is not a good UFC card to make any money. I am sure there will be some upsets but the big names should prevail.

I am taking:
Liddell= -180
Parisyan= – 300
Jardine= -550
Leben= -260

Good luck and for all you Rampage fans…he is going to get destroyed. Chuck is a man on a mission and he has never failed when he wants to avenge a loss. Chuck knows what he is getting with Rampage and I am predicting a lethal 2nd round knockout.

Enjoy the videos.

Flash Flash

May 25, 2007 - Posted by | Chuck Liddell, mma, Rampage Jackson, ufc


  1. I am eating crow on this one. Rampage destroyed him and Runny reminded me of my betting rules when it comes down to the weigh in. Lidell looked scared and Rampage just had the crazed I do not give a F*** look and you knew he was going to represent. I am 1-3 on UFC. Terrible. I should just stick to NCAA football.

    Comment by Flash Flash for the Cash | May 29, 2007 | Reply

  2. UFC Chuck the PUNK Liddel
    Pride All Star “Q Jackson”
    Jackson is one of many Stars from pride
    that can come over to UFC and take what they want
    example UFC 71 Liddel & Jackson
    Liddel you are a “PRICK” not a champ
    Jackson is a CHAMP
    Took your Crap and knock the fucking lights out BITCH
    Go figure you Moron, Fucking loser. Go to Hell

    Comment by Jaime Rivera | June 22, 2007 | Reply

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