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Schilling’s Bloody, I mean painted, sock!!!

I hate to bring up old news from 2.5 years ago but this was classic. Last night, during the Orioles/Red Sox broadcast on the Orioles home TV network, Gary Thorne, who does play by play for the O’s and is a nationally renowned baseball commentator, stated loud and clear during the broadcast (bottom of the 5th if you Tivoed it) that he spoke with Doug Mirabelli in the past and Doug told Gary that Schilling’s bloody sock was in fact paint and it was PR stunt. Then again two innings later, Thorne brought up the painted sock again. Mirabelli strongly denied he ever had this conversation with Thorne but it brings this issue to public light again. Here is a Boston Globe Article that breaks down in detail how the conversation went down and some reactions from Mirabelli, Francona, Millar, etc… – Bloody mess, Schilling’s sock called into question

I want to take this a step further. If you have the time, go visit Coopertstown and check out the “bloody” sock. Schilling loaned it to the Hall of Fame and it will be there for another year. If you look at the sock, the sock is still red. Why is this an issue you ask? It is an issue because dried blood does not stay red, it turns brown. That sock in the Hall of Fame is still clearly red. Something is up and this needs to be investigated.

Why is this all an issue. 1) The sock is valued at $1 million 2) It is the Red Sox so everybody pays attention 3) Schilling is a media whore and will do anything to publicize himself.

It would be a shame for somebody to buy this sock, even if Schilling donates the proceeds to charity, and it turns out the buyer was duped and simply bought a hoax, a painted sock. I have always thought the sock was a fake and there was not blood on it. I thought they used ketchup but paint will do it. I am calling on Curt Schilling to immediately approve DNA testing on his sock so we can settle this once and for all. Curt…. if it really is bloody than you will have no problem having the sock tested and if you do not allow testing than we can only believe that you are hiding something and it is in fact paint on that sock. Based on the way Mirabelli and Francona angrily responded to questions about the sock, I am guessing this is one big hoax. Come clean Curt!!!

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  1. An update, The VP of the Hall of Fame was on Cold Pizza this morning and stated that the Hall of Fame has a sock that was personally delivered by the Schilling family. The sock is from Game 2 of the World Series and not Game 6 of the ALCS and the VP said that the sock is browning so it is blood on the sock. I have heard conflicting reports about the color of the sock in Cooperstown so I do not know what to say about that. The fact that this sock is the World Series sock and not the ALCS sock does not rebuke Thorne’s comments in any way. Thorne was talking about the ALCS game. I did not even know Schilling had a bloody sock from his World Series start. Oh well…. the drama conintues and I am still calling for DNA tests on the ALCS game 6 sock.

    Comment by Flash Flash for the Cash | April 26, 2007 | Reply

  2. Update #2 from an ESPN.com story…A Hall of Fame official confirmed to ESPN’s Cold Pizza on Thursday that the sock in the Hall is from the World Series. The Hall of Fame’s Web site, however, says that the Hall has the bloody sock worn by Schilling during Game 6 of the ALCS. The mystery goes deeper!!!

    Comment by Flash Flash for the Cash | April 26, 2007 | Reply

  3. I think you are real jerk if you think a guy of shillings moral charactor would do or even thing of doing some thing like that.

    Comment by michael | May 4, 2007 | Reply

  4. the guys on cold pizza are bunch of clowns.

    Comment by michael | May 4, 2007 | Reply

  5. You must be a Res Sox homer. Schilling is not liked from a national standpoint and Boston is turning on him also. He is a self serving self promoter. That is all. Do you think he is loved in Philly…NO, do you think he is loved in Arizona, NO!!! He should be praised for his charity and that is all.

    Of course he put up a $1 million bounty for anybody to prove that his sock from Game 6 ALCS is covered in blood….that is because he washed it and the sock does not exist. Schilling is a clown without the make-up!!!

    Comment by Flash Flash for the Cash | May 6, 2007 | Reply

  6. I am a homer, and shilling is respected in boston. If you are dumb enough to think shilling would paint a sock and not know that anyone who saw it wouldn’t know it was paint and not blood you have problem!!!! Do you thing shilling does his own laundry?

    Comment by michael | May 7, 2007 | Reply

  7. During a break two innings later, Thorne confirmed that’s what he said, and that Mirabelli had told him so in a conversation “a couple of years ago.”

    “Go ask him [Mirabelli],” Thorne said.

    Mirabelli was shocked, then angry, when relayed Thorne’s comments.

    “What? Are you kidding me? He’s [expletive] lying. A straight lie,” Mirabelli said. “I never said that. I know it was blood. Everybody knows it was blood.”

    Sox manager Terry Francona, when first told of Thorne’s remarks, thought that perhaps Mirabelli had been having some fun with Thorne, that it was all a joke. But after Mirabelli angrily denied ever discussing the subject with Thorne — “I honestly don’t know who Gary Thorne is, that’s a straight lie” — Francona became agitated.

    “What we’re going through today as a nation, you hate to use a word like heroic on the field, but what Schill did that night on the sports field was one of the most incredible feats I ever witnessed,” Francona said. “[Thorne’s remarks] go so far past disappointing. Disrespectful to Schill, to his vocation. I’m stunned.

    “I am just floored. Schill takes his share of shots, and this one is so far below the belt that I’m embarrassed and I wish somebody would have had the good conscience to ask me. I saw the leg. If that had been painted, I wouldn’t have had my knuckles so white, and having so much anxiety.”Continued…

    Comment by michael | May 7, 2007 | Reply

  8. Why should I believe Francona, MIrabelli or anybody on the Red Sox? Of course they will deny the story and fight it to their death bed because they are decent teamates and a decent manager. I also have pleny of friends in Boston and they certainly are not in love with Schilling. It is Papi’s team and becoming Beckett’s and PapelBoner’s. Any real fan knows that Schilling is a self promoter and puts himself first over the team. This is not even up for debate because it is fact.

    Comment by Flash Flash for the Cash | May 8, 2007 | Reply

  9. shilling is not running a popularity contest,especialy for you bronz bums.

    Comment by michael | May 8, 2007 | Reply

  10. Michael,

    You need to spend your time reading Schilling’s blog instead of ours so you can buy into the Cult of Schilling and all that he stands for. Can you name any other athlete that has his own blog and uses it to respond to the media on an almost daily basis? And he is responding to “clarify” comments made about him but mostly comments he made. Why does he feel the need to write an entire blog about the Yanks signing Schilling? All Schilling wants to do is be in the limelight promoting himself.

    Comment by Flash Flash for the Cash | May 8, 2007 | Reply

  11. One thing Curt that I have seen that is Roger cares about money than he does winning or family. It might be harsh on what I wrote but think of it.. We have great owners now and a bullpen. If he wanted to win he would of chosen us (best in majors), and if family is that important he would of been in Houston (1 game behind NY record wise). It boils down to his friend Andy and the money that came along with it.

    I am happy with the staff, I consider Tavares “psycho” (going back to 2004 WS where he hit his hand on the wall in anger) and when Les comes back we will be just stronger!

    Bring on the Yankees because I am not afraid of them one bit. Their money had not bought them a WS in 7 years
    shillings blog is not about him, it is the truth. this is the only way he can get the real truth out. the news media hates him like you keep saying

    Comment by michael | May 9, 2007 | Reply

  12. The simple fact that Schilling just came out to talk about Barry Bonds and how he feels about Bonds approaching Aaron’s record just validates my point that Schilling is a self serving Ahole. All he wants to do is get his name in print and run his little media circus. Who made him the go to person on all things baseball and all things controversial. I do not care what his opinion is and he should keep it to himself. Curt…If you do not have anything nice to say then don’t say it.

    I would not be afraid of the Yankees either because they have a terrible manager who does not actively manage the game anymore and runs an emotionless clubhouse. Sox will not win the World Series this year and neither will the Yanks.

    Comment by Flash Flash for the Cash | May 9, 2007 | Reply

  13. Take Gary Thorne, John, Jack Joe or whatever his first name is, Heyman, Karen Vescey, Woody Paige, CHB, Jay Marriotti, Bill Plaschke, and a host of other people that litter the media landscape, and put them all on an island somewhere.

    Does anyone stop reading their newspapers? Watching the shows they appear on? The answer to that is no. Instead of using the forums they participate in to do something truly different, change lives, inspire people, you have an entire subset of media whose sole purpose in life is to actually be the news, instead of report it. They have little to no talent at what they do and other than a mastery of the English language their skill sets are non-existent. (more…)
    Comments bonds has admitted to taking steriods, also cheating on his wife, and his taxes.

    Comment by michael | May 9, 2007 | Reply

  14. you have nerve telling shilling that if he doesn’t anything good to say to keep quiet ha ha, when is the last time you had anything to say about anyone you are ridiculous. Iam using a dictionary now so you can not make fun of my spelling

    Comment by michael | May 9, 2007 | Reply

  15. does anybody have the transcript when Mirabelli said that it was a hoax to Thorne? because if everybody’s pissing and moaning about Mirabelli denying that he ever said it, but nobody has proof of it with the transcript, or having it on video, or whatever, then your really pathetic.

    Also, I don’t really think Shilling would have pulled a stunt like that. really.

    Comment by AJ | September 8, 2007 | Reply

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