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Dice-K – How good will he be in start #2?

Tomorrow is going to be a fun day for baseball fans. For what seems like weeks and months now, all I have been hearing about is how great Dice-K is and how he is the best pitcher in baseball and better than Pedro Martinez when he was in his prime. ESPN has been hawking tomorrow’s game more than the vendors selling sausages outside Fenway on game day. Numerous bloggers plan on tracking every single pitch of Dice-K’s performance and I have even heard that this is one of the top sporting events in Japanese history because the first pitch of the game will be Dice-K to Ichiro. Red Sox and Dice-K fans keep showing a Youtube clip of Ichiro striking out three straight times against Dice-K back when Dice-K was 18. Well guess what, U.S. baseball fans and non-Red Sox fans DO NOT CARE!!!! This guy has not proved anything yet. He beat the Royals….Big whoopteee do. What a joke. Lets see if Dice-K can get through a season pitching in a 5 man rotation, not a 6 man rotation like they use in Japan. Lets see if U.S. scouts can figure Dice-K out after a couple of starts and hitters start studying this guy a little more. I am curious to see how this guy is pitching in June and July and then at the end of the year and in the playoffs. Boston media and fans might put more pressure on their athletes than any fan/media base in the U.S. Will he hold up with all of the U.S. and his homeland watching? There are too many assumptions about Dice-K coming to the U.S. and I am not buying them. This guy needs to show me that he can pitch and I do not even count the Royals and I will not count the Mariners game tomorrow either because the Mariners have barely played this year, which means they have not seen live pitching. Just look at their at bats today.. the Sox rocked them.

I hope tomorrow is a great game and I hope the Mariners and Felix the cat show up to play. Dice-K will be facing a lot of pressure and I bet they can jump on him early. I might just have to live blog this game tomorrow to give an honest and non-biased opinion of the situation. I do not like either team or any of the players involved so I will call it like I see it. If Dice-K mows and is the man, I will say so and continue to track his progress and development here and if he is terrible I will tell it like it is.

Feel free to leave comments or predictions on how you think Dice-K, Felix the cat, Sox, Mariners, lines, etc…. anything goes and let us know how you feel.

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April 10, 2007 - Posted by | Dice-K, ESPN, Japan, Mariners, Matsuzaka, MLB, Red Sox, Royals, Uncategorized

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