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Weekend Results & Today’s Games

Took a beating yesterday in MLB and broke even on NBA. My overall results for the weekend were as follows:

  • MLB: 1-5
  • UFC: 2-1
  • Pride: NA (Silva was not cleared to fight)
  • NBA: 5-1

My stats were terrible. I will do better. There are not too many games tonight that I like. But, here are my picks:


  • Brewers @ Marlins. I like the Brew Crew a lot this year. I think the Suppan signing was a great pick-up for them. I like Sanchez for the Fish, too, but I think Suppan will get the better of him tonight. I’m taking the Brewers +110.
  • Reds @ D’Backs. Arroyo has been great for them in his April starts over the past two years. So have the Reds. The D’Backs have a good, young team. I just like the Reds line-up so much more. Doug Davis is good, but certainly hittable. The Reds know him from his days in the NL Central. I’m taking the Reds -103.
  • Yankees @ Twins. Yanks are playing awful, but I think they will be looking to get out of the cold. Their line-up can run with the Twins. Granted Pavano is terrible, but so is Ponson. I’m taking the Yanks -130


  • Clippers @ the Mavs. Mavs are at home and can clinch home field with a win tonight. Clippers have won 4 straight road games, but throughout the history of their franchise, they have never won 5 straight road games. Ever. It won’t happen tonight either. Mavs will play hungry and will win easily. I’m taking the Mavs -7.5.

Those are it for me. Good luck with your picks.


April 9, 2007 - Posted by | Betting, Gambling, MLB, mma, nba, Pavano, ufc, Yankees

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