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Take Pride in your team Philly


Are you kidding me Philly? The Phils are paying the Red Sox $500,000 to come to town for two pre-season games. The pathetic thing is that both of these games are sold out. If you want to see the phils opening week there are plenty of tickets available but if you want to see the jackass Red Sox come to town in an exhibition game you can not. The Phils are supposed to be the team to beat in the NL East but all people are talking about is Takeo Spikes and the Eagles. Wake up philly…. you might actually have a team this year if you can find some RP. Think on this you Philly faithful 1) The Red Sox are garbage, JD Drew you can hate on 2) words can not even describe the jackass factor of Schilling and 3) Dice K, freakin Dice K is on the front page of Philly.com and even worse the front page of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

I am calling out to all Philly fans to have some self-respect and take some pride in Ryan Howard and the Boys this season. You might like what you see.

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Article credit to Mrs. Flash Flash She who Likes to Spend Cash

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Run for your lives!!!!

The sky is falling, the sky is falling. Torre announced Pavano as opening day starter – http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/spring2007/news/story?id=2818854

As a Yankee fan I am devastated. Torre knew the rotation was a mess and you are telling me they could not have worked things out to start Mussina or Andy P at the very worst. I would rather see Kei pitch than Pavano. I am sticking to my prediction that the Yankees will lose 8-3 to the Rays and that Kazmir will dominate.

On a side note, I plan on booing #13 as loudly as possible on opening day. He said it was up to the fans to determine whether or not he will opt out of his contract and I want him to hear me and what I think of him. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Get out of town #13. Hey hey ho ho, #13 has got to go, hey hey!!! If I can figure out how to use this blog function to add a calendar that counts down the days, hours, minutes and seconds I am going to set it up to show how many seconds #13 has left in pinstripes. If anybody knows how to do this please post a reply or send us an email at rpjsyndicate@gmail.com.

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NCAA Picks

Great games this weekend. Should be a good Final Four. The NCCA cracks me up though. Last night, ESPN aired the NCAA Slam Dunk and 3 Point Championship. Not sure if it was a live event. The NCAA’s hypocrisy is sickening. In EVERY camera angle, there was a visible “Vegas.Com” banner. How is it that the NCAA feels that promoting Vegas is appropriate for an NCAA event, but they won’t let the athletes financially profit in any way while they are playing?!?!?!!? I betcha if one of the athletes competing in the competion was caught placing a bet, the NCAA wouldn’t be too understanding. ESPN, too. Why did they stop letting Hammerin’ Hank give his picks against the spread each week during the NFL, but they still openly promote Vegas during a COLLEGE event?!?!?! Anyone who says high school players should go to college instead of the NBA, or should not leave college early for the NBA or the NFL is high. They are probably on crystal meth. Think about it, the NCAA will lose a lot of money if the top athletes skip college and play in their sporting events. Also, if your son or daughter was a genius at computer science or math and had the choice of a free ride at Stanford, or making $10 mil/year at Microsoft, what parent in their right mind would tell their kids to tell Bill Gates to take a walk?!?! F the NCAA, ESPN and anyone else who claims that college sports is not mainly about money.

Sorry for the rant. Here are my picks for this weekend’s games:

  • FLA is giving 3 against UCLA. FLA plays great D, but cannot score with the Bruins. I think UCLA wins this game outright. I’m taking UCLA +3.
  • G’town is giving 1 against OSU. Hibbert has been looking for this game his entire career. Oden is good and will be a great, great player. Just not this weekend. He will get into foul trouble early. Hibbert can match-up with him physically. Green can cover OSU’s guards. Plus, any Hoyas team with a Patrick Ewing in the front court is destined to win. Hoyas win this easy. I’m taking the Hoyas giving 1.

Good luck with your picks.


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Opening day is only two days away!! Can’t wait. This is such a great time of year. NFL draft is less than a month away, March Madness, the Derby is close and spring practices start. Can’t beat it.

 Heading to The Stadium on Monday with Flash Flash. Can’t wait to see Carla get shelled by the freakin’ Rays. Need a reason why the Rays always have the Yankees’ number-look no further than the clown that will start for the Yanks. Anyone but that guy should be on the mound for the Yanks on Monday. Anyone else. Torre is off to such a great start: he names Carla his opening day starter, he guarantees a roster spot for #13’s high school buddy (I refuse to speak or write either of their names) who proceeds to stink-up the place all spring and he sends Phillips home.  Cashman and The Boss should have learned in 2001 that Torre is not as good as everyone says (Why was the infield playing in with one out and the bases loaded of a tied game?!?!?! EVERYONE, including Gonzalez, knew that even on steroids, Gonzalez was not hitting anything off Rivera). And this is coming from a rabid Yankees fan. Torre’s only hope of salvaging some good out of this spring is to name Bruneytime as one of his relievers.

 Here are my predictions for 2007:

 AL East: Yanks (barely beating the Jays). I think #13 wins the AL MVP.

AL Central: Toss-up, but I’ll go with the Tigers. Cleveland will finish 2nd.

AL West: Debacle of a division. Mariners will finally put it together.

AL Wild Card: Blue Jays

NL East: Mets, as much as it pains me. Phillies will not do was well as everyone is saying and could finish behind the Braves.

NL Central: Cubbies! The return of Sweet Lou is legit (great move sending Prior down) and Soriano will win the NL MVP. Lee is going to have a HUGE year now that he is healthy and his daughter is doing well. Zambrano is in his walk year. They win that division easily.

NL West: Giants. Bonds will destroy Hank’s record and Zito will mow in that park. Cain and Lowry are legit. They will make necessary trades at the break.

NL Wild Card: Brewers. Prince Fielder will be runner-up in MVP balloting.

 AL Pennant: Blue Jays (Halliday in the post season will be a thrill to watch).

NL Pennant: Brewers

Champs: Blue Jays

I also think Pittsburgh will have a good year and finally have a winning record (haven’t done it since 1991, I think). I like Snell a lot and I think the LaRoche pick-up is highly underrated, eventhough they did give-up a good, young arm to get him. 

 Other Predictions:

  • AL Cy Young: Johan
  • NL Cy Young: Zito
  • #13 will opt out of his contract with the Yanks. He will bolt to Cali because Arte Moreno will spend his money stupidly again. Cashman played this perfectly.
  • The Red Sox will finish no higher than 3rd in the AL East.
  • Santana and Kazmir will be in pinstripes in 2008.
  • So will Miguel Cabrera.
  • Clemens will be in pinstripes after the break.
  • Schilling will surpass Clemens’ record of speaking to the media about potentially retiring.

You heard it all here first. More predictions to follow. Good luck to all and whatever teams you root for (unless you root for the Mets or Red Sox-in that case I hope you are maimed by the killer sheep in the UK (http://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/03/23/sheep_pack/)).


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Is the sky going to fall?

I am still waiting anxiously for the news on who is picthing for the Yanks on opening day. Runny Pelvis and I are going to the game and fear doom. If Pavano is named the opening day starter it will be a disgrace and could very well be the end of all of civilization. This clown has not earned his pinstripes yet and certainly does not deserve the honor. You know darn well that Pavano will be useless, will fold under the pressure and will simply set himself up for a disasterous start to the season.

Think on this tidbit for a moment: Over his first two seasons with the Yankees, Pavano made $17,000,000 while pitching 100 innings. Pavano was therefore paid $170,000 per inning, or about $4.3 million per win.

If there is one positive to point out, Peter Abraham gets that honor, “The good news is Pavano would be pitching on 643 days of rest.”

Pavano vs. Kazmir. This is Kazmir’s audition for the Yanks and he will be pitching in front of a sold out stadium. Remember back to last year… Kazmir flew in the Yanks private jet that was hired to take the Yanks players to the All-star game. Jeter invited Kazmir along for the ride to show him and tell him what the Yanks are all about. This could be the biggest lock of the baseball season…Kazmir will blow the Yanks out of the water and mostly because the whole team will be demoralized when Pavano gives up multiple runs in the first inning. Prediction….Rays 8 – Yanks 3. Down with Pavano.

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The Ninja Closer


In case you missed it.. Ryan Dempster is now my new favorite closer. Papelbon (http://boston.redsox.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20070324&content_id=1857301&vkey=spt2007news&fext=.jsp&c_id=bos) aspires to pitch like Mo Rivera (who wouldn’t) and Ryan Dempster aspires to be a full fledged ninja with throwing stars, a sensei and all that good stuff. You don’t believe me…check out the link above.

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Memphis hoops

Just screwed the pooch and knocked me out of my NCAA knockout pool. Once again, hoops is not how Flash Flash makes his money. Bring on the football season!!!

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